What you need to know about garland for home so as not to burn in the literal and figurative sense


Before each new year, almost every owner of the house somewhere deep in the soul wakes up a traction to the beautiful. Agree, because you want, as in the best houses in London and Paris, your mansion surprised passersby abundance of light, created a sense of the holiday. Only by making a decision on the purchase, the owner of the house faces the fact that the garlands are selling a huge set, but not all of them are «the same useful.»

With this problem two weeks ago, I myself encountered, so I will talk about what you need to focus when buying a «New Year’s Happiness».

Protection against moisture.

IP 44 is protection not just from dust, but also from splashes flowing water droplets, so the place for such a garland is on the wall, under the sink of the roof.

For garlands with a degree of protection of IP 54 restrictions as such, there are no, they can even be immersed in water tank. Such garlands can be hidden at the fences, trees.

If the numbers are less (for example, IP 20) — then the protection is practically no, and it is possible to put such garlands into the street only in the sugar desert, where it is almost no rain. If the numbers are more (for example, IP 67), nothing terrible, even better, only the price of garland with such protection begins to approach the cost of the searchlight, which illuminates the Spare Tower of the Kremlin.

Modular character.

For convenience and security, the connectors must have special spinning covers with silicone gaskets. So you will be sure that the water does not suit the short one.

The light source.

Microlambians, which were widespread in the 90s, early 2000s also pass by, as they are relatively quickly burn out, and eat electricity very well, just like not in themselves.

The only safe, economical light source — LEDs. The greatest advantage is that the LED garland does not create a large load on the network. Such garlands, without any particular consequences, can be on one controller up to 15 pieces — quite enough for the fence around the house.

Pay attention to the controller.

Therefore, the controller must be overlap completely without the possibility of parsing. So there will be no wires, and the moisture will not fall. And modern microcircuits are almost lit. Such controllers are usually programmed by 4-8-12 alternated combustion / blink modes. Comfortable.

Wire material.

PVC — cheaper, but unraveling these garlands is better at home, and hang on the house better at not very low temperatures. Already at -5 PVC, Dubets, and at -20 can just crack that there is no good.

Price and manufacturer.

And I believed … naive!

Now that the price concerns. The rule is the more expensive — the better in the field of garlands it never works. Many manufacturers believe that since a person has their own home, then there is about the roof of the money, therefore such price tags wock for a spear item … that it becomes scary.

In general, the normal range of 2,5 — 3 meters long, it cannot cost less than 1,200 rubles.

All that is above 3 thousand — overpayment in the seller’s pocket. I personally know two points whose owner bought garlands in China for 650 rubles, and sells for 9000.

Normal such Nava.

And they sell, only noise is!

And last.

Never take garlands on solar panels.

First, in winter, finding so much sun to fully charge the battery, probably, only the extramarital son of the Slavic God Yaril. All the rest … 220 to help.

Secondly, lithium-ion batteries in the frost lose more than 50% of the tank.

Thirdly, to feed the battery to feed the battery in half the roof with a sunbath.

So, there is no sun … no capacity … Little area of solar panels … Feel where the Chinese buyers are «bent».

It seems that everything I knew about garlands.

If there are considerations, express them in a correct form in the comments. Everyone will be grateful, and I also.

Good shopping and New Year’s mood!