Why buy a tool for 12 and 18 volts, but avoid 14.4: useful wallet and nerves knowledge


The entire battery tool is traditionally divided into three rules: 12 volts, 14 volts and 18. Although, in fact, it is completely different, because they are eight: 9,6 — 10.8 — 12 — 14,4 — 18 — 24 — 36 — 54 volts.

But, of these eight:

And what do we have in the dry residue?

And theity remains that the title: 12 volts — 14.4 volts and 18 volts remain.

Many believe that 12B is a household tool, 14.4V — professional floor, and 18V is professional. Even instrument sellers often indulge in such fairy tales.

Meanwhile it is completely wrong!

12 volts

For this, they love them in small workshops, furniture collectors and other specialists who do not need excessive power. Why carry a healthy and heavy bandor, from which the hands will hurt, and it is not everywhere it can be brought out.

Although there are cases … One of my familiar furniture makers went to assembling the kitchen. After an hour, I called:

Do you have a screwdriver for 18 volts or more?

-I have, why? Do you want to shift the kitchen?

-No, the owner caught not in adequate. It says that the type of real pros is used only by a big tool, and I have 12. Why the collector is a big bandura.

Well, do not tell, 12 is little …

Yes, you come, I’m talking about Volta.

Supreme, kidding, come. There will be 18 …

Just imagine, the customer really considered that the large screwdriver at 18 volts is a sign of a real professional. This often happens at the photographers: you want to seem in the eyes of the Customer Profi — buy a black camera with a large lens.

So, 18 volts — it is necessary only for one: to powerfully spin everything that is possible. And the high power is accompanied by a lot of weight, to a large weight — dimensions, to dimensions — price.

But the main advantage of the 18B tool is the largest line of batteries, charging and the tool itself. It is 18V line the biggest one. This is a gold middle tool and all manufacturers produce a tool first with this voltage.

Guess who has the widest line of the 18 volt tool?

Most will remember advertising and say — Robi.

And here is not! Milwaukee!

Despite the fact that Riobi beat himself with the right heel into the left shoulder that 100 instruments are suitable for one battery (in fact — 87), Milwaukee stands on the side and proudly smiles:

-Salags! We have 236!

And now, with regard to the tool by 14.4 volts. This is an intermediate class of screwdrivers that is located between 12 and 18. It seems to be a golden middle: and there is power, and the battery does not break the leg and smaller dimensions.

However, buying such a tool does not make any sense. And there are a number of reasons for which professionals know perfectly known:

The voltage of 14.4V does not give a large increase in power compared to 12V, and the dimensions and weight rose much more. Compactness will not smell.

The pro in their work uses several tools at once and is very convenient when they all approach the same batteries. The tool line for 14.4V is the narrowest and includes the essence of the case only screwdrivers. It turns out on the batteries in 14.4V, you will not be able to attach either a saw nor a logsik, nor a renovator, n-and-ch-e-g-oh!

The price of the tool 14.4 V is not much lower than on the 18th century. There is not enough money, just buy a good 12V or 18V tool, but cheaper. But then the existing batteries can be purchased for anything else. And it will be much cheaper than taking the second set s / y and 2 batteries.

So, the tool for 14.4V is just a marketing stroke. When a person understands that he needs something else besides the screwdriver, he will have to buy a charger and batteries again.

Take care of your money, buy or 12 V or 18 V and you will be happy. Enjoy the shopping!