Why do people know the Soviet portnis scissors who know hundreds, but before buying them sniff


There are no human paths, it happens that the thing comes out of fashion and it is not needed for anyone, but several dozen years have passed, hundreds of people are chased after it and they are ready to give any money. Most more than she cost a new one. Exactly such a story happened to the most ordinary portno scissors, which massively produced in the Soviet Union.

In the USSR they were full of full. Then the Chinese goods from the steel brand «Playlin-3» came to us, which even fabric could not cut without loss. Who could buy more expensive — German scissors or Taiwan. But many experienced masters still use the old Soviet portnis scissors. Why change the shilylo to soap, but they look non-zero, but their function is to cut the cloth — they perform with a bang. And the reason for this … But about it a little later.

In the past Saturday, I decided to stroll through the city left bank market — a flea market. The weather is excellent, a lot of people came to the trade. Walking around the rows of collaps of old Soviet instruments, I noticed the scene: My good familiar Blacksmith Andrew, I already wrote about him several times, also walked around the ranks and looked out for something. Well, piconim …

Andrei walked around the row and chose old scissors. I did not take everything, I was looking for the Portnovsky. If I found it, I snapped in my hands for a long time, then I snaught, I smelled so much, plump … And if the smell arranged it, nodded his head and was counting on the seller. Only with me he bought 4 pieces, and all of them thoroughly sniffed. Just like Mukhtar at work.

At 5, I could not sleep and approached:


-OOO, Vadim, Hello!

«I look, are you practically like a perfumer who go and are looking for smells?» And judging by the scissors already decided to sew someone?

Andrei was sincerely laughed:

Yes, I did not, I did not, but I thought about to sew. Let’s go show your treasures.

We moved to the side and he showed his catch. And then told:

-You understand, now we do not buy normal steel. And if you buy, then for completely unbearable money. And here, just at hand, the real treasures lie.

Everything really turned out to be very and very simple. In the USSR, just one manufacturer of all-metal scissors was quite a long time, which used good and high-quality steel. This is the production association «Horizon». Then the Zavodkov pested more, but they also copied production from the «horizon».

The Zabdka is a small something in him turns out something frank slag. But in the USSR, this zero made awesome scissors for cruising, tailoring and other sewing brethren. He works, by the way, since 1915, so he’s a story about what.

The peculiarity of all portno scissors of the time that in the absence of design, titles, bright stickers and other respending, which is so famous for China, the old Soviet scissors are made of stunning steel from their quality. They calmly cut not only fabric, but also copper, and even leaf aluminum.

Previously, everything was strictly. Step left, step to the right — and Alga in full-length on Kolyma. So for the portno scissors acted strict GOST R 51268-99. According to him, the portno scissors were made from four steel grades: 9khf, x12m, 40×13, 12×13.

And all these brands have become perfect for the manufacture of knives. Knowledgeive blacksmiths buy scissors on flea markets, Avito, who has access — buy from the merchants of the hedurals written off. A knife made of such steel will have hardness from 56 to 61 HRC.

-What are you sniffing them? Maybe better to the tooth try?

High-goblerodic steel smells and this is the best way to find out what steel in front of you.

Andrei, and many of the blacksmiths like him are bought up old tailor scissors and make up the high-quality expensive knives from this. Scissors, especially «killed», are quite inexpensive, so they are the best material for a knowledgeable blacksmith. The knife made by the blacksmith from such steel can be very expensive abroad.

So if you see in the man’s market, which sniffs … scissors, it is not perfume at all, and even unclear-minded tailor is a blacksmith. And very soon he will have a new good knife.