Why do the Europeans wear a leaf of the Ginkgo tree in the wallet?


All our life is permeated with symbols and signs. Someone does not pay attention to them at all, but some lives do not imagine without attempts to solve the secret signs of fate.

One of my acquaintances every morning goes to work only after reading a special promotion, three times will stop over the shoulder and … th, do not ask how I learned it, it’s uncomfortable. Another calmly flies throughout the city by car, despite the fact that it has already been in the accidents already three times, and the first of them happened due to the fault of the Black Cat Road. Talking about the accident, she just shrugged:

-It happens to everyone!

But a good friend once sat all day of the house only because of the fact that, after going to the threshold, saw the chinno-march through the entrance (probably the same) black cat. And the question of the chief:

«Why didn’t you come out today?»

Honestly (well, almost) answered:

Because dark forces stuck in the elevator.

An even more dark power represented by the leadership deprived of his award. So believe or not in symbols and signs — the personal matter of everyone. Moreover, every person, and even more so people, these signs of their own. And about one of these signs today will be talked.

It turns out, almost half of Russian families, a completely unbroken money tree is growing on the windowsill. According to widespread opinion, it brings wealth and money in the family. Maybe it is so, but every morning, instead of monetary bills, Russian hostesses sadly blown out of his leaves dust. For some reason, it is dust that this plant attracts stronger than denotals.

Many to attract bkd (big heap of money) are in wallets a mouse, of course, not alive. This is the so-called wallet mouse. But often it makes shaping that the mouse does not attract money, but, on the contrary, they drags them hard.


Europeans and Americans have a universal symbol to attract money, wealth, good luck, friendship and other goods. This is a leaflet of the ginkgo biloba tree.

Remember this?

A few years ago, it was advised in some advertising to drink capsules with powder from the leaves of this tree. Allegedly after a single reception of this fund, any man rose something that cannot be lifted. I won’t be able to do as possible, well, it is impossible to make a real estate to make movable 😎.

A couple of years ago we were on excursions in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. The guide summoned our group to this tree and told why his leaves are so appreciated among foreigners. And then one girl, who before that was silent as a fish about the ice, took out the wallet, opened it, and put a piece of leafle to everyone. On broken English, she confirmed the guide words.

What happened here!

Almost all members of the group have lost interest in the colorful descriptions of plants at the time! Everyone wanted to themselves such a mascot, and after 3 minutes around the tree there was not a single leaflet — it was extremely pure.

Even the oldest and dried!

With what undisguised pleasure looked at it standing godly janitor …

Meanwhile, the leaflets of the Ginkgo tree (it is also called dinosaur) bring not only wealth and N-number number of drugs. Everything is much more difficult and more interesting: this is one of the 50 most ancient plants in the world.

In China and Japan, the trees themselves and his leaves themselves are sacred, they care about them and grow specifically. Images leaf, so similar to the fan of Japanese girls, is a symbol …

A true friendship!

The sign of genuine and loyal love between (even it is not fashionable now in Europe) … a man and a woman. That is why dinosaur leaves are often drawn on the alarms, patches, towels, bathrobes and even plates.

The old men respect the ginkgo for the fact that the powder from the leaves of this tree greatly improves the memory, the speed of thinking, slows down the degradation of mental abilities. Even imported astronauts and sailors often use this powder, as it is the best remedy for dizziness and headaches.

So I did not pick up the leaves, but I made it from a beautiful green glass, the benefit of the images is full.