Why Finns and Canadians never build houses from Cedar: 3 facts that our builders do not like to talk about


At one time to each raspberry jacobe and the gold chain in the whipped thickness, a healthy house made of red bricks relied. If the golden chain was thick in a finger, then the house was white with columns and necessarily a turret. Well, so that the owner can feel like Sir Lancelot, looking around the neighbors lying at the feet.

The times have changed, the raspberry jackets with chains went into the past, and the turrets, columns and even gypsum swans now do not surprise anyone. But the desire to make a generic nest as beautiful as possible, warm, reliable and environmentally friendly remained in many.

Yes, yes, yes, and it is necessary that Dorokho watched — Bhahto, so that everyone seen the level of welfare of the property owner.

Guess which material now plays the role of medieval castles?

A cedar house from Breven in two, or even three clashes, and even Canadian or Norwegian logging!

That is, such that his owner felt like a hobbit, inside a huge cut.

I have nothing against the desire of a person to have a good home. It’s commendable, it’s cool, it’s great. I am a building myself for more than 10 years only because it was not possible to buy an apartment even to a mortgage.

The problem is different: it is impossible to build a house from what is not really.


First I will say the banal thing that many knows: the cedar does not grow in Russia at all from the word … does not grow. This cedar is four species: Lebanese, Atlas, Cyprus and Himalayan. As already seen from the name, the Russian leshozes do not smell here. Also from the word … does not smell.

Our builders, or rather marketers, cedom called relatives Pinocchio — that is, Siberian pine. By the way, who does not know, Pinocchio (in domestic execution — Pinocchio) translates from Italian as:

So our Siberian cedar is pure marketing to knock out money. Not more than. Although this wood has advantages:

And now, in fact, why in Northern Europe and other cold countries such as Canada, Alaska, where winter is similar to winter, do not stand at home from cedar.

More in addition, in some countries it is forbidden to build from cedar in general!

Wood Siberian «Pine / Cedar» is a very resinous tree, it is literally saturated with a resin. In this connection, it distinguishes at home at home not just a lot, but too much phytoncides and other batual connections.

Yes, smells stunning!


If for a bath, where a person does not live, but just steam away from time to time, such a situvin will go, then for permanent residence, this is not the best way to affect well-being. For allergies to live in such a house, the worse was worse in the halate from Ambrosia. Who lives on the southes — I will understand me, they know that this is a muck, despite the wonderful name.


But we have, on the wave of High and the poveling of ecology, at home from the cedar there were such a price tag, as if it was a business plane with a coated with gold gold.

Located from Cedar easily over 25 million.

What is not golden?

And one moment. So to speak the last nail into the lid … because of your looseness, the wood of our Russian pine / cedar is subject to strong water absorption. In the case of the presence of internal defects in the trunk and poor-quality logging (than our brigades are particularly sinned), the log cabin instantly begins to shine, so it is whiten by special chemistry and treated with antiseptics and antipirens. After that, about the ecology of such a house you can simply forget — the cocktail of volatile connections to the owner of the house is simply provided.