Why in Canada laugh when hears about warm Finnish frame houses

Despite the fact that the Finns seem to be ingenious builders, and many agree with this, there are one nation on this ball, which begins to sincerely laugh when hears about the warm Finnish houses and the Finnish school of frame house-building.

These are Canadians!

They have even such a joke. Finn comes out of his house, looks at the singer of frost, and says:


Canadian in shorts come from the neighboring house and starts to get out on the porch of his house. Looks at the sky, the sun, on a thermometer and says:


Of course, this is nothing more than a funny joke with the local specifics of humor, but the fact remains the fact that Finns say that they make warm houses intended for the Arctic winter and extremely low temperatures, Canadians point to … Globe.

Canada and Finland are approximately one latitude. However, the Finns beat themselves with the left heel in the chest, with the words that they, especially in Lapland, are colder.

In fact, it is not so!

Finland, thanks to Golf Stream, was awarded quite warm winters. Yes, they, thanks to the grandfather Julupukka, occasionally there are frosts in -30. But even in January, it may be a belly cold cold in -2 degrees. In this February, they are generally frost in -7.

Not lucky poor fellow!

I want to invite them to us, to the South Urals, where Santa Claus gives everything without parsing -30 and even — 36.

Canada could not be able to deal with Golfustrim in its northern part, so the cold is in -35 there is normal, and the Canadians begin to jacket at -42. Lutty frost occurs at — 48 and lower. And such gifts can stand for weeks.

We have a good acquaintance, master glass water from Canada. His name is Engeus. His satisfied person can be seen in the photo:

He lives in the city of Akalavik, which is essentially not even a city, but a small village, where you can get most of the year by plane only. But from December to April there is an ice road.

Live there 600 people live there!

As you already guessed, all houses in this town / village frame, single-storey with a very canopy roof, which can withstand a layer of snow with a thickness of 1700 millimeters.

If the building is above one floor, then it looks more like a fortress. Probably to shoot from evil Santa. Everything is aimed at lowering the wind load — during seasonal blizzards, the door to the house can close only two adult men.

Therefore for

So, what do we have in a dry residue?

Everything is very simple!

Finnish homes are certainly good, these are high-tech houses that have many very effective developments and schemes. But Canadian houses are definitely warmer.

What to build in Russia?

It’s even easier. Look at our immense map. See the Ural Mountains? If your future house is located on the left of the Ural Range — your choice of Finnish frame. If you live in the Urals or in Siberia, your choice is a Canadian frame.

It is from this position that our SP31-105-2002 are drawn up, which are long and carefully developed (

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