Why in Europe abandoned the greenhouses from polycarbonate: their replacement in Russia will be among units, although in the USSR many


First anecdote in the topic.

So it was not specially placed on the beginning of an article by a photo of a greenhouse of polycarbonate. It makes sense to take pictures of what stands in every garden, near each private house, in the gardens, villages and villages — everywhere there are such greenhouses. According to statistics, for each resident of Russia accounts for about 13 kV / m of greenhouses.

To have at least a piece of your land and have no greenhouse on it … For a Russian person, this is nonsense. This is capable or frank lazy or american spy.

In short, if there is earth, there must be a greenhouse!

Previously, before the cellular polycarbonate came to the replacement of old «Soviet» greenhouses, everyone has sharpened from what is at hand. Who worked at the construction site, made a greenhouse from glass and old frames who had access to the metal — cooked from it and glass. One of my acquaintance made a greenhouse from the body of the old, written off buses of the brand Ikarus. Guess where he worked? That’s right, the boss in the bus park …

Then he came to us — cellular polycarbonate. Miracle material: light, durable, does not rot, the sun passes to the family crop, the frost does not allow.

Dream, not the material!

However, the cellular polycarbonate has one, but a very unpleasant feature, due to which many European began to abandon its use not only on an industrial scale, but also do not recommend it to apply to ordinary Europeans in their sites.

It’s all about the term of his service and in the fact that after this period remains. If the polycarbonate is poor quality, then it will protect your greenhouse for 2-3 years maximum. If the quality is lucky, then protection against bad weather for a hot beloved crop will last a little longer — 5-6 years.

Who at least changed the old polycarbonate on the greenhouse to the new presentation, which «sluggish» rags had to be removed from the frame. He is still hemorrhoids. However, all 32 tooth dentists were added to this wonderful disease, when the question was asked:

Where to give all these rags?

Some burned and sniffing stunning catch and a black smoke pipe. Others are taken to a landfill, the third — shouting into small pieces and «carefully» put in the house to the janitor, apparently hope that he will be able to restore everything. Some are exported to the forest or the nearest forest bel.

For all this, the ordinary Europeans will come, such A-TA-TA from the police and the court that his tomatoes are bumping for years a hundredhead, because the fine will pay his grandchildren.

In general, it has not yet come to us, and in Europe, it was very puzzled: where to give the remains of polycarbonate. In nature, it decomposes about 300-500 years. So harm from him is not silent. And, as always, in such cases, the state decided: it is better to ban exactly what to look for ways to solve the problem.

Therefore, in many countries, cellular polycarbonate as material for greenhouses is prohibited.

What came to replace him?

Europeans remembered the experience of old English greenhouses: a beautiful brick foundation that is closed on top of a warm aluminum profile with double or even triple glazing.

That is, almost the same thing that many gardeners did in Soviet times: a metal frame and glazing on a brick foundation.

But why in the USSR, many could afford such a greenhouse, and now units. Cause One: The cost of this pleasure.

First, taxes. Once there is a foundation, which means the building of the capital and for it it is necessary to pay a tax, which will cover the cucumbers and tomatoes with sustain gold.

Secondly, the price of the structure itself. Greenhouse 3 * 6 According to such technology, if you consider at current prices, it goes about 650 thousand rubles. That is, 1 kg of cucumbers will come out about 1210 rubles.

God forbid our legislators will also ban the polycarbonate, they will have to return to the films. Although … maybe someone has access to old written off Ikarusam?