Why in Tajikistan connect apple and pears to rosettes: there is a folk savings


In each owner of a private house, gardener and gardening is sleeping as Maaaalensky, at first glance, a completely imperceptible creature, the name of which Zharddea. No, well, how else to explain the fact that in the spring we Sadim 100-200 the roots of the seedlings of everything that is possible. And in a month, it is sadly looking at the average Russian jungle, who suddenly dug out on your windowsill, think:

-And where to dissemble all this?

And after all squeezing teeth, despite pain in the back, bringing the paws and a falling pawl, all this is managed to plant. But only closer to autumn comes an understanding:

-Blin, and where to make it all? We do not eat physical.

It is this story that happens now with me. After all, the wife told me:

Do not give so much apple trees and pears on the plot, what then will you do with them?

I planted … on my head!

Yes, so much that this year apples and pears from our site can be safely replaced by half exports from China. Vintage is just a record. The only problem is: because of the heat and pests on the trees there are a lot of worms and rotten fruits. Even too much.

Well, now actually about Tajikistan. This year we decided to jerk and finish the landscaping of the site. Enough to live in ruin. 10 years we are taking place and on the plot still traces of bombing. So to eliminate her consequences, a group of highly qualified finishes from Sunny Tajikistan was hired in the number of two male shower with wonderful oriental names:

Dima and still Dima.

The guys know their business, passed through the site, shook their heads, shook the tongues, agreed about the price and started work. It turned out that the place of the greatest bombing was straightforward under the pear. Juicy, mature fruits came to the taste, but the number of wormworm pears upset.

The eldest Dima told and showed me how to fight it with this His Motherland. His father is the owner of a large garden, in which dozens of apple trees grow, pears, peaches, apricots, persimmon. One thing, the house and the garden are located in such a given from civilization that it is too expensive to carry the chemistry.

Yes, and the price for fertilizers and chemistry they have an extended — apples will come out gold.

What do local Tajik gardeners make to avoid rot and worm. Every spring, as soon as the trees begin to bloom, they arrange a shakeup tree … connect it to the outlet.

At a distance of 15 centimeters from the Earth in the tree, literally a few centimeters of a nail, which connects to the phase, after 50 centimeters above — another nail, which also connects to the cable.

After that, the electric current is served on the tree literally for two seconds. And so repeats with small breaks in 5 seconds — 5 times.

This treatment is done once a year — every spring. After processing, nails are pulled out of the trunk, and the holes are embarrassed by the garden harr.

According to Dima, it gives for trees:

First, the crop will be the maximum every year, the tree does not rest, as we have a couple of years, and, thanks to the shake, it is plentifully fruits;

Secondly, all the pest worms are instantly dying, who are already an accurate teeth in order to make you on your own legitimate harvest;


Fourth, no chemistry is required, everything is absolutely eco.

What do you think about this, makes sense to try? Has anyone come across such?