Why in the spring in Europe all the villages are clean, and our as after a nuclear explosion: there are 4 reasons


Every year we see the same process. In winter, any Russian village is drowning in the snow, everyone is expensive to see, views like with postcards. In the spring, even the most overwhelmed lower Gadyukino becomes twinned in Venice — dries in water. When the flood is falling, such dirt opens, which sometimes it seems: in winter, our country covered carpet bombing.

One of my good acquaintance lost in 2014 quite a promoted business and decided to escape from the dusty and stuffy city to the will, in

For the sake of selling a dream, a good trip with a renovation was sold and 100 km from the city of Phasenda bought in the form of a completely strong house and 20 acres of land. To begin with, the church and goat began.

The wife, seeing that the fate of his wife Herman Sterligov expects her, told her husband, everything she thinks about him and went to the city. A friend lasted at the foot of the stern, without work, on old stocks and female worries exactly half a year.

Then put the house for sale, said the village of proud «Allverda!» And rode back. On my question:

-Why returned?

He replied:

Overweight to be on the ears in the mud.

-What did you want?

But not the same!

On this, his adventures did not end. In 2018, a slightly straightening position, he had a new Bzik: to become a steep farmer in Europe. One, without a family in Lithuania. He lasted two and a half years and returned. On a silence, a question from some question marks followed this answer:

-The all eligible, you can not step in step, I already have 12 times …

If you go around the villages of North and Central Europe, you can amaze as much as clean. And in winter and summer, and even in the spring, when the snow only comes down, all the villages are as if they were washed.

It feels like their shampoo wash!

So why do they have a postcard look at each turn, and we have a feeling that there were bombing in every village.

How, how did they achieve it?

A carpet survey of friends, acquaintances, friends, everyone who lives in the near and far incident, as well as my personal experience, has given four reasons for answering the question why:

Trolly more hard coatings.

Again, banal — climate.

In fact, there are almost no village inhabitants in European villages.

If our village is a village. Looking out the window: Von Petrovich drives three cows down the street, one of them right at my wicket dulp 10 kg of gifts, the boys on motika cut out, geese to the river went, Ivanich pulls on the tractor some kind of rhylad to her yard, neighbor opposite right In the middle of the Street of Brevna Pilitis. In short, moving everywhere.

In Europe, everything is chinno, everyone is sitting behind the fences, fences from bushes, silence and no one spits. This is not a village — these are real cottage villages. Everything is hidden from excess eyes. Silence, boring and sterile as in the pharmacy.

And, you know why this happens?

The answer lies in the last reason!

Giant fines for everything.

Dropped a bunch at the fence for paving paving. In Russia, everyone deeply purple — a person is built, well done. In Germany, within 2 hours, a fine of 1,500 euros and compensation for harm to the environment from ecologists — up to 3000 euros to the host and up to 100,000 euros by the firm that did it.

Put the car at the fence — well done, everyone is doing. The maximum that may happen — the bull will write a penalty of a fair. In Europe, the parking lot in the wrong place is fine from 200 to 2500 euros, if not understood a couple of times — confiscation.

A fine paper, an abandoned board-penalty, sawing firewood — a fine, any noise that prevents the neighbors — a fine, a loud music — a fine, not removed on the territory — fine. Any action associated with mud and violation of order is fine. In Switzerland, people in the apartment townhouses are afraid to go to the toilet and pull the water — noise, they compare.

So the one of my familiar from the beginning of the article was fined 12 times. A total of 14 thousand 700 euros accumulated.

How? Would you like purity? I wondered something …