Why in the USA asphalt paths in front of the houses are always like new, although they do not change decades: I learned what they do


I am still in my childhood amazed beautiful color species of American cottages. Mandatory exactly trimmed grass, and not overgrown with semiage nettles, the lack of fences as such instead of a fence from the proflist, perfectly even, as if only the laid asphalt.

Rost, about asphalt …

Recently, my good familiar master glassweller sent photos of his house and workshop. And he lives, I must say, in the city of Cold River State Michigan (USA). There is no old town, small, industry or financial centers, so people do not differ great sufficient.

However, I was struck as far as well-kept courtyards, houses and paths in front of them. I asked a friend:

-Do you just did the repair? Everything is so beautiful, the asphalt is new.

Asphalt we recently painted.

What is it like? Can you be a watercolor grass tint?

The familiar laughed, but then explained: in the USA and Canada without his vehicle, every family member has a car, so the load on any road surface is huge. Whoever makes the paths from clinker paving or paving slabs, who is victory or just bought a house in a state as it is — there is asphalt.

Bourgeois on the bourgeois, even completely poor — know how to count their money. They understand that the replacement of asphalt for their own granny is not a budget event. Any construction work come out in the USA and Canada in a penny.

So approximately every 3-5 years, ordinary cars from the asphalt ordinary Americans … paint.

To any uninitiated person seems a fantastic scene when a truck with a barrel approaches the house, pours straight to the asphalt, and the workers then smash this paint along the track.

In fact, this is a complex technology to prevent asphalt destruction, which is called Sylkouting. Black pulp paint is a complex mixture of thin quartz sand, silicones, paints, bitumen and more many other additives that not only paint asphalt and give it hellish-black color, but also protect it from cracking, water, frost, sunlight, Oil and gasoline.

The asphalt treated with such a composition accelerates the melting of snow on its surface and the rapid flow of water into the storm sewer.

The processing technology is very simple, does not require high qualifications, but very harmful — to breathe molten polymers and bitumen is not very pleased, so they work with silkouteers, as a rule, Hindus, students, pensioners and blacks. The main thing is that the latter will not be lost on a freshly staring track (kidding, kidding, I do not want to offend anyone, tolerance and all that).

The processing of one track takes 2-3 hours, and you can walk and ride on machines after 8 hours. If the processing is repeated every 3-5 years, then the asphalt will «hold a long time». For example, in the village of our familiar master asphalt put in the late 80s and it still as a new one, although the municipal roads somewhere already «fell apart» and this is clearly visible in the photo.

Remember our tracks before the entrances of 9-types, where they did not change the asphalt for at least 20 years! In my village, for example, asphalt is simply not.

We have holes in the asphalt are witness cause

I wonder, we have such services? In theory, this is a good business.