Why Malari Profi Before leaving for an object, windshit scotch tape: advice that takes time, nerves and money


Each wizard has its own chips, their techniques of work. Even in the painters that are painted dozens, if not hundreds of squares of walls, ceilings and sex on day such secrets and chips are. It would seem that simple, silent paint in the brush, crack the roller and transfer it to the wall or ceiling.

It was not here!

A competent painter is kept in the mind of the combination of paints, surfaces, the degree of clutch of the colorful film and the painted surface (adhesion), the methods of applying paint and another 10,000,000 moments. And if an inexperienced person is taken for business, then (although it can be lucky), as a rule, the result will be very far from the one that has been drawn in the brain of the Novoyed Malevich.

7 years ago we needed to paint the walls in the workshop. The brigade of the finishes for painting the walls requested … a lot.

Thank you, I myself!

In a day, how bitter I regret my words. At the corners of the workshop, my creation fell off in flakes. I had to call specials, all overoint, and paint. The seventh year is normal!

When a brigade came to me to paint the walls, I drew attention to the fact that all the rollers are climbed by some paper. I ask:

Guideline, what, do you come to work with the missile rollers? Let’s, I will buy you new, what are the tricks?

They laughed at my words, and told what it was, and for which all rollers were wrapped with paper. Let’s start with the fact that the malarious roller, despite its all its simplicity, requires a qualitative approach to its production.

Of all domestic producers (about Chinese, you can not speak at all) and even many European, such quality is even anyone anyone. Buy the same professional painting roller, the cost of which can reach up to $ 30-120 per piece, for small objects it turns out soooo.

What is the difference between professional roller from an ordinary, which is sold in any construction store for 60-150 rubles? One important thing is: nothing will be sick with it, does not get out, it does not leave and subsequently does not remain in the most prominent place, but already under the layer of paints.

Dear profi-rollers after stitching and sitting on the plastic base specifically vacuuming, after which they are rolled in a special plumbing machine, which removes the garbage, sticking the pile, remnants of glue and too long hairs.

The simple rollers do on the principle and so go!

And then, when painting, you have to look for a villi, to get the fingers of paint and win them from the wall or floor.

Therefore, the masters who buy rollers of normal quality, but not past processing in a «pinching» machine, before leaving the object, remove the protective packaging, wind up the painting ribbon on the roller (the scotch cannot be allowed — it can leave sticky traces on the remaining villicks!).

And with such «homeless rollers» ride an object. Right in front of the painting surfaces, they take a roller, sitting on it to the Bureau (this is the same handle of the letter ZY) and sharply remove the greasy tape.

How many vulnery, garbage, glue and even plastic chips remain on it and even plastic chips from the base!

By the way, after such an operation, the roller becomes oooooochine shaggy, disheveled, right as the hairstyle of Philip Kirkorov in the best years.

This simple operation saves time, nerves and money — it is very unpleasant when, after painting and drying, the owner will find on the wall pillow or some garbage.

Many customers almost with a magnifying glass go along the wall, just to find a microscopic reason to pay less. And a good master of this reason can not give.

So it goes. After all, it is not for nothing that they say: the age of living — the age of learn!