Why my neighbor is bypasses all new buildings for the sake of trimming: I have not seen such smart and durable beds (photo + design)


It is said that all the men in Russia are divided into two categories: the first hands grow in the right technological holes, so everything is good in the farm that the wife does not ask, well, there is a headset or curtains to kill the wall at times. The second mother’s mother’s hand attached 60 centimeters below — just below the belt, and so that they would not do, it turns out … Well, you understood.

In fact, it is a complete nonsense!

Absolutely all men in Russia — needlewomen, in each of us kulibin. Just someone had time to wake up, and the second he sleeps too tight.

In my neighbor, Kulibin combined and left-handed together, and they did not even fall asleep, they were born with him. So that he did not, even if the stick and the well-known brown substance, everything works like a clock.

He even a sectional gate in the garage with his own hands made of two sheets of metal, winch and 32-kilogram giri as a counterweight. When in the morning goes to work — the noise stands on half the village. But it works!

But even stronger, he was able to surprise me with his miracle beds. Now fashion for high beds: I put in the garden in the bed more waste, branches, sticks and other rotting organodes, hung up the earth and get Michurinsky harvest.

But here is not enough: what to do high beds?

It is very important that they were durable, did not rot, did not crack from random shovels or a wheelbarrow, withstand frost, sun and other weather.

And then an email comes to the rescue.

Someone makes from a tree treated with bitumen, but such a beds are smeared shoes and clothes, and they still rot. Someone buys beds from the polymer composite, but this can afford very secured people, since one high bed comes out under 9 thousand per piece. Cucumbers come out gold.

Metal with time rust and rotates.

Slate is afraid of shocks and in a couple of seasons is crumbling.

Brick is even more expensive.

What did my neighbor did?

He walked over all neighboring new buildings, hovering at the firms that are engaged in installing windows and asked them substandard window sills, as well as crawling from them.

The window sills go planks in 3 meters and when the client is cut on the window, for example 1550 millimeters, he actually pays at once 3 meters, and everything else goes into the pit. In addition, there is a lot of marriage, errors in size, jambs of measurers and so on.

In one house, the firm for the installation of window sills had to change almost 60 window sills, almost all of them went into the pit. In general, the construction and assembly firms of such a good car and a small trolley.

The material from which the windowsill is made, first, environmentally friendly, as it has been certified. Secondly, ultraviolet additives are added to it — it does not turn yellow, it is not afraid of the sun’s rays, does not crack in the cold. Thirdly, the window sills are designed for large mechanical loads — you can jump, sit, stand and nothing will be.

And now, actually, as he made high beds. The widest windowsill takes place, the desired size of the beds are measured, and 4 metal cavities from the profile pipe (or wooden, if there is no metal at hand) are measured in the corners).

After that, they are screwed down the windowsill are screwed to these pegs. Thanks to the ribs of rigidity, nothing is scary. They don’t even begish the mass of the Earth — so they keep the load well.

What is the most interesting, it is not necessary to make a bed of solid windowsides. The trimming is very well joined due to the cellular structure — it is enough to insert the three bar of the desired thickness (on the top photo the necessary cells are shown by arrows) and in your hands almost a solid dice.

By the way! If on top through each meter drill holes 12th drill, then they are perfectly included with arcs for mini-greenhouse.

For 12 long layers of window sills, the neighbor gave 1000 rubles. The builders gave him a complete trailer for the short trips and were very happy about it — just to take the «garbage».

Each garden cost him 150 rubles — very fiscal.

Even if you buy a window sill in the store, then the cost of the three-meter beds is obtained 900 rubles — cheaper metal, brick and «golden» wood. Such an interesting lifehak.