Why overseas masters paint one wall in their workshops in gray: it turns out that it is important


No, seriously, you thought about how to paint the walls in the workshop?

We are not!

Exactly as long as …. so far … they did not think!

And when they thought, they were useful on the Internet, prying friends, colleagues, competitors, including foreign ones. And a very interesting pattern was discovered.

Each manifests the workshop depending on what is its area, what does how much money is available. Whoever is not a freak with finances or simply does not bother on trifles, he does at his discretion.

Many simply frow the walls of plywood and this is quite enough (formaldehyde in the air does not care). Some paint. For example, our old workshop is painted with white washing water-free and four years it was enough.

Some love the loft style, so they leave brick walls. Others like a tree, so the walls are separated by a board or clapboard.


A lot of masters abroad strongly «bother» in the decoration of their premises. And those who have new workshops or just made the repair — one wall is always entirely or at least partially painted in gray.

As mentioned in the well-known TV show Ren-TV:


-I do not think!

I had to go urgently to climb familiar foreign craftsmen and ask:


It turns out that the wall is painted not abubs with some gray color, but strictly 18% -the sulfur matte paint. The fact is that today there is little to be just a master, sit at home and bang. Each Master of Handmade Works, Assistant part-time, also photographer, CMM-Polar, videoographer, blogger, etc.

That is, no needlework, if it is not done on the knee, and less professional, unthinkable without photos and video.


18% — Gray is best suited for the matrix of modern cameras and video cameras. If you put the product with such a wall or get up, then you will not have to install any corrective settings on the exposure (+ or to lighting) on your camera.

The gray wall does not glare, it is not visible on products if they have a glossy surface. If you shoot a video on a pure gray wall, then it can work as a «green background», that is, you can easily cut a person’s figure and impose on another background.

The same comes from the photo — it is on the gray photo of products best, they are easily separated from the background in special programs and photo edits.

On white, the product often look unnecessarily light, and the background becomes not white, and gray.

And we were still surprised why we were uncomfortable to photograph the glass in a purely white workshop — everything glare and had to go to the house where there is a special photowon.

And one more point, opposite such a wall, it is very comfortable to work with small details or watch TV — overly white environment strains vision.

It is always nice to learn to learn, so in the new workshop we have already painted one wall with gray paint.