Why the inhabitants of the deaf Ural villages do not bite ticks: asked the local, he got a jar with a party and gave sniff


This year in Russia it became one of the resort town more. While everyone is tormented with rains, bad weather, complain of the cold sea, and even snow, the branch of subtropics opened on the South Urals.


Old-timers do not remember such warm spring — there were no normal rain in two and a half months. As if someone there in the Heavenly Office forgot to turn on the spring of spring, and immediately worked for the summer:

In the region, where, despite the name South, winter lasts about six months, summer is waiting with impatience. And not only people. Together with the occasion of snow and defrosting all sorts of petty animals, every spring of the Urals was fastened to attack the ticks. What is no wonder — the times for the winter of creatures, as soon as they see something stirring immediately try to hook and delicious dinner.

In general, one of the main rules for the survival of citizens-Uraltsev sounds like this:

Until mid-June in the forest either foot.

At the same time, local residents from the deaf Ural villages calmly walk through the forest almost in T-shirts and on all these crawling comrades laid a big rusty bolt.

How the scene looks cool when tourists are sprinkler before entering the green glade with legs to the head are pounding with all sorts of splashes with poison, refueling pants, tighten the valves on the sleeves. Some particularly paranoid nature that shake from each bush, even stretch hoods with a special grid.

And when these «phantomas» go to the shore, the flock of cows are driven by a local shepherd guy, in the lungs, slates and a drain T-shirt. Its not that ticks, even the wheels and blindly do not bite, but fly away with the words:

flew from this frostbitten, let’s won the urban canned food.

So, when our friends and relatives learned that we bought a house in the ancient Ural village of Kaga, the party task was given to the party: to undergo local in trust, get their own from Rustic Ausweiss «His cherished mystery:

Why rustic are not afraid of ticks.

And my plan was successfully implemented. I just went to my neighbor and asked:

You go so calmly around the garden, ticks do not bite?

You know what the answer was?

Suite, only rarely.

-What is it protecting?

To be explained, now I’ll show you.

A neighbor dived in the barn, a couple of seconds breathed there and returned with three banks:

Here look.

In the first bank, brought by a neighbor, was the fuel beef fat. In the second there was a birch fellow — the locals make it themselves in large quantities.

Well, in the third bank, all this is mixed in equal amounts. Beef Fat protects the skin from the burn, as heaves thermonuclear thing!

The resulting mixture rubs all the curtains of the body, collar, sleeves, shoes. On ticks, the birch vehicle acts as a signal:

Don’t go!


Sometimes, if there is no walk, take the store Vaseline, but it cannot protect the skin from burning burns, so you have to reduce the concentration and pliers are more often cling to clothes. So it is better to ask the jar from the neighbors with a party, if it is over.

Not to say that this method gives 100% protection, but local residents are biting much less often than urban cosmonauts, tightened by special costumes and sprinkled pelvic chemistry.