«You’re understanding, in the spring, when people begin to build, I can not look into your eyes with such price tags»


There are one very good proverb in Russian, which is 100% describes what is happening today in the field of construction: «The forest is cut — sicks fly.» Due to the fact that the forest began to chop two Giants China and the USA, the sins flew in Russia.

And it is touched by anyone who builds or is going to build their home. What already there, touched!

In my hometown, Magnitogorsk employs two small shops, which, with any crisis, whatever happens, no matter how nagging, will always be open, and buyers will always be in them.

In the first photo you already guessed — these are fasteners shops.

Their owner did not rummage from side to side, to make a similarity of a hypermarket from their trading area, to trade all that can be trading. He focused only on one thing: fasteners.

But this very fasteners there are so much that you can build a couple of houses just laying the walls with screws, bolts and nails. Plus the RESPACT in the form of disks for the ESM, blades, canvas, saw blades, normal swells that do not steps after the first hole.

Anyone who at least is somehow connected with repair or construction, goes to buy fasteners only there, as they know — the lowest prices and the widest range there.

Today it is time to visit this very useful shop. I went, and there, as always someone is purchased. And while the seller served a man unfamiliar to me with squares from the prices of his eyes, I had a couple of free minutes to … My eyes were also square.


And the prices then … they did not grieve, they just took and multiplied by two!


What was worth 70 kopecks before, now costs 1 ruble of 20 kopecks. Where the price tag was hung 2 rubles 70 kopecks, now a large red price tag of 4 rubles 16 kopecks. It was 3.90 was 6.20 …

On the stands, half the price tags are removed or stamina, it seems that they are not available, although in stock everything is clogged with drawers with hardware under the ceiling. I could not stand, ask the seller:

-What is it here for the price census?

-Aaaaa, great! We are here in shock, second week rewrite price tags!

-What’s happened?

-Terindes happened! All wholesale prices jumped exactly twice. What managed to take before the new year, the warehouses were scored, but the price tags still rewrite.

So it turns out everything went up exactly twice?

-Well, yes. And these are still flowers. Spring will also add.

-And, here the house gathered in the village to build …

That managed to find out.

Over the past two weeks, all manufacturers have raised prices for hardware by 30-50%. Wholesalers, fearing to stay in flight as a plywood over Paris, decided to secure themselves, and the manufacturers were thrown over 20-30%. The owners of retailers did the same thing. And it turned out as a couple of years ago with buckwheat — when the price rushed up at times.

Wine all over China and its shopping squabble with the United States, but especially with Australia. It is there that the global factory is everything that can be purchased by iron ore. In China, production is now restored, so the demand for metal increased 77 times !!!! They cannot buy in Australia, and do not want, so the Chinese decided to buy no iron ore, but a semi-finished product — metal from Russia.

All Russia’s metallurgical enterprises, feeling the smell of profits, blew up the prices for metal and drive it to the wagons into the Middle Kingdom. If in August 2020, a ton, for example, a rancher cost 43 thousand, then at the end of January 21, 70 thousand. After the FAS was excited, prices fell a little, but the ton of the same channel costs 67. That after 43 oooooo, as noticeable.

In a month or another, the construction season begins and all builders will face that all hardware showed the dynamics of gold steeper. Therefore, in the estimate of the house everything is associated with the metal, for example, fittings, professional sheet, professional, pipes, screw piles, wire, and so on — everything needs to be multiplied by two.

How much will the final price for construction grow? Hard to say! But sellers in fasteners with sad eyes, rewrite price tags, and questions of dumbfounders answer:

-And how I will look like people with such price tags! All prices rewrote. Many are suitable, look, unfold and leave! My guilt here is not, not a drop, but we look at people in the eyes.