5 household belongings that Russian do freely, and in the US or Europe immediately finish (or will be placed)


Many represent abroad (close and not very) as a standard of freedom. They say I will go from Russia and a healing in a free society. However, then they return home bumping the very freedom. It can be as for politics there and more comfortable, but as for the rest of the rest …

So just for the sake of laughter, I gathered the 5 most simple household things that we do in my homeland completely freely, but in some other countries it is possible not only to lose the decent amount of dennaunations, but also sit down … not at all on the bench.

Well, Fuh, went:

Call Negro Negro.

Negros, hello!

First you will be placed … After that, all the blacks on the square, which were passed by (even if they did not hear these words) will come to court for the fact that you have caused them unbearable suffering in view of the historical injustice that happened with their right «Pri-great grandfather / grandmother and therefore they have a congenital trauma and a feeling of inferiority.

By the way, now even for the word African American can be pleased with a stupid fine. For blacks are no longer African Americans, but … black.

That is, «Negro» is hurt, and «black» no!

In general, for such an entrance you threatens to 30 days of arrest, a fine of up to $ 5,000, and if you are a lawsuit and prove that there were torments, then 30 days of arrest can flow smoothly in 2 years in prison.

To serve in the American article the punishment on the article racism, even worse than serving the punishment in our prison under Art. 131 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (rape). For the local population of prisons by 82% consists of «historically offended» citizens.

Release minor children to walk outside in the United States.

No, I’m not joking.

The fact is that in the US, almost all of the houses have a basement — a bayment. Often it is equipped as a room for a pleasant pastime — workshop, game, etc. There is a TV, a console, a music center. And it is there that the minors are carried out most of the time.


Yes, everything is very simple — it is forbidden to go for a walk in the USA in the USA. If the neighbors (and they will definitely do) so much that your child is on the street without supervision — a fine of $ 500. Once again — 2500 dollars. For the third time — 2 years in prison, justice and an even greater fine.

Go to the toilet after 21:00 in Switzerland.

Switzerland motto — silence, silence, silence. If you break the peace of other people, you may be fined. Dog marks — Crop her ligaments, does not understand — fingered. We wanted to hide in an apartment building after 21:00 and loud, sorry, moored the results of their efforts — the neighbors may complain.

That is why almost all the Swiss Earth are digging, but try to live (buy or remove) your own home. Well, those who live in an apartment building buy night pots.

And it’s not a joke!

Well, it is impossible to disturb the peace of neighbors!

Therefore, all your keepers in … yourself.

Or pot.

Staying to spend the night in the garden in Germany.

By the way, that is why there are no electricity in German gardens at all — suddenly the wiring is short. So it is better to prohibit than to break the effects of fires. At one time, such prohibitions were prolobed insurance companies — it was very expensive to pay the insured property of the chapherders.

By the way, with regard to collective gardens in free Europe, it is generally a separate song. In such a number of prohibitions, I, as a lawyer, did not see in any other sector. In Finland, it is impossible to have a plot in the collective garden more than 6 acres, in Norway — have a house more than 26 squares, it is impossible to fry meat in the Netherlands, and the bath is so in 99% of countries under the ban — in the garden you need to grow dill, not to wash.

Damn, do you have a garden and do not fry there the meat on coals at the weekend? Well, or champignons, if you are vegan … and do not get into the bath

This is not about Russia in general!

Make repairs in the United States.

You can not independently change the usual outlet. Although, no, you can, but for this you need: go to the mayor’s office in the construction work, pay the appropriate license, listen to a lecture on safety, work, call inspector, notify the bank (if the house in the mortgage), notify the insurance.

What, still want to change the rosette yourself?


And so thinks most Americans. Pay 150 dollars for the work of a specialist and «happy.»