5 minuses of brushless instruments: sellers do not say about them, but they know the service masters


Each thing has its own advantages and cons, there is no ideal tool. Any screwdriver, Bulgarian, Lobzik and Other — this is a compromise between price, pluses and minuses.

Some advantages and «shoals» are embedded in the tool by the manufacturer (something he inhabited or, on the contrary, provided for), and something laid down the technology itself. And if the first can be fixed, then from the second it is not going anywhere. Here, as they say, you can make only two things:

To understand and to forgive.

About the brushless instrument did not write only lazy. Everyone is buzzing, as cool, how cool, little weighs, batteries batteries, it works for a long time, keeps the power …

All this is true!

That is the fact that the payment for these advantages is a high price. And everyone knows about it. But brushless technology has other cons. Just for some reason they almost do not speak.

But they are!

But not sellers face with them, and its owners who have worked with such a tool, well, and … Masters of services that this tool is revealed. Or, pouring tears, try to fix.

So, the five largest minuses of the brushless tool that are characteristic of all manufacturers without exception. Each owner will face with them sooner or later!

Inside any tool with brushless engine cost powerful neodymium magnets

And she sticks to the body. But there are ventilation holes in it. Therefore, part of the dust penetrates the inside and sticks not to the case, but to the engine statist. It is because of this, almost 80% of all breakdowns of the brushless tool fall on the «short-circuit» — short circuit.

Of course, a screwdriver or a jigsik with small metal dust almost do not face, but I categorically do not recommend taking a brotcast with a brushless engine.

I do not like experiments for your money!

The brushless tool is very afraid of moisture and static electricity.

All control electronics in the brushless tool is mounted by a single block with the on / off button and the motor.

The whole block is entirely!

That is, the filling cost about 10-12 thousand rubles goes to the pit because of the contact breakage of 370 rubles. All brushless tools, essentially, like iPhones — maintainability. For warranty workshops it is convenient, pulled out — inserted and everything is ready.

And if there is no guarantee? Sadness and sadness! And it is connected with the next disadvantage.


For example, my friend flew by Bulgarian very good, high-quality and expensive firm — «Military». Since «Jamb» was His, then with the guarantee he flew as a plywood over the glorious city of Paris. The new block in the SC is already waiting for a month and a half.

In the meantime, in all uses my penny (5 thousand versus 17) Bulgarian Interskol. And crying how he was uncomfortable to work with her … and it works … and crying … and it works …

I think everything is that faster it will end: my patience, his patience or my Bulgarian.

Repair of the brushless tool outside the guarantee is not just roads and not even very expensive, but the conquering roads.

For example, in the case of a non-warrant breakage of the screwdriver «default» worth 21 thousand rubles, the internal control unit along with the button and the engine will cost 15 thousand. And it is only for materials, without work and diagnostics! The new brush screwdriver is the same fifth (and the repair of the button in it is 1200 rubles).

And now we smoothly approach a completely natural conclusion: do we need it? In my opinion, it is necessary! But only in two cases:

When this tool has to work in 24/7/365, that is, plowing on commercial orders. With its convenience, dimensions and power, he will block all flaws.

Just want. Here as in the anecdote: the hedgehogs cried, broke, but continued to eat cactus. Once I want — Zhuyok cactus.

I use what tool I use, you can