5 needleworks for a woman, if the first place is worth the earnings


I often rein: they say you write only about earnings, money, income, arrived … And what about the soul, heat, open heart, creativity, and so on. I absolutely agree with you, it is creativity at the head of the angle of any needlework, but not one creativity, no needlework to exist if the craftswoman will not eat, pay utility payments, dress (at least occasionally).

If a woman is lucky and she for her husband behind the Gazprom manager, has its own business, then you can not talk about earnings on creativity at all — it’s just a hobby. But in the absolute majority of cases, I want your passion at least somehow monetize. After all, goods for creativity also need to buy — they do not give them to Leoparddo.

But most often they ask me: I do not know what to do, but I would like to have a stable earnings from this classes.

You can do anything even, even drawing on the sand and, by the way, there is a master in New York, which earns on it well. But if you want to get material returns as soon as possible, then … meet — 5 directions of women’s business that will definitely give good profits and are associated with needlework:

Embroidery machine.

Our friend’s friend risked the car of the spouse for such a machine, climbed on credit. And nothing terrible, everyone survived, debt gave, took a new, apartment and buy a second embroidery car.

Was it worth risking? It was worth it!

Author’s accessories for jewelry.

The dominance of China led to the fact that high-quality accessories for the seagh, brooches, rings, practically no bracelets. In 2000, many masters did not stand the competition and went away. And now there is a request for high-quality decorations with rhodium, silver, gilding, surgical steel … But they are not.

Buy accessories in China — exit only at the initial stage, but over time, when the master level grows, he needs high-quality fittings not from China. And it is practically no! For example, our workshop buys part of the fittings in China, part in Yekaterinburg and part in Ukraine (there is a small firm that is engaged in Rhodium). And each of our purchases costs everything more and more expensive. If Schwenzy for Seryg managed us last winter in 220 rubles, then yesterday we voiced the price — 430 rubles. What?

Packaging for masters.

My friend tried to produce decorations from plywood on a laser cutting machine. Then I did some badges, key rings … In short, any small torment. Naturally, he did not succeed. But as soon as he decided to make a gift packaging, small boxes and drawers — he realized that it was a golden bottom. Now he has three cars, two assistants and it almost nights in the workshop. So think about what you can suggest masters — it will shoot!

Drawings, layouts, lessons, master classes.

Go to Ethsi to the Electronic Products section — sales of devils for drinking, knitting schemes, lessons and master classes are calculated by thousands. There are not only loner masters, but also whole studios that shoot video lessons and sell them. Bonus for sale the drawings. For one, such pleasure is asked from 5 to 99 dollars.

In the modern world, where most of the two fingers work on the screen of the smartphone, the admission to manual work, the ability to make something with their own hands is very valued. And how much money is given to the masters for business cards, branded stickers, postcards, labels and other visuals … Horror.

SMM manager for masters.

My friend tried to embroider, knit, sculpt, engage in ceramics, sew dolls … What she just didn’t do! Probably only the rockets of the Union under the Khokhloma did not paint. But she did not bring her money.

Do you know what she did? She began to lead the pages of masters for a monthly remuneration. Answered the comments, came up with the design of the pages, took orders, wrote posts, made photos. First, the amount was purely symbolic, then more, even more. Now she has agency and several assistants. They remove video lessons, behave webinars, made a course. When her monthly earnings 5 times exceeded the average salary in Russia, the husband resigned from work and went to help her. It turned out a good family business.

We also have in