5 simple facts about the fence: they are remembered when it’s too late to correct something


The fence in our country has a sacred meaning: it not only protects against ill-wishers, unnecessary views, the controllers of what should not be monitored, tax, bailiffs and even angry special forces. And even more so it is not the place where the famous word of three letters is written, although it is in Russia they write it.


The fence is the first line in the defense of the family from all polls and vital trouble. And the fence should show the social status and the degree of steepness of its owner. It used to be measured by crosses, raspberry jackets and Mercedes.

Now measured by fences.

That is why such situations arise when a three-story mansion eclipses the Louvre behind a garbage fence. Or, on the contrary, behind the capital three-meter fence from the natural stone and there is still a nuf-nuf house with a forging, which is not even a spinlet from the wicket — there was not enough money to the house.

Do not consider the fence as defense against thieves.

My friend, director of one of the Magnitogorsk enterprises, whose income was not one tet of millions of rubles a month, so afraid of the invasion of the uninvited guests, that he dug around his small houses with an area of 3200 kV / m brick fence with a 3.5 meter high height. Metal spikes and broken glass went on top, the courtyard was guarded by dogs, watchman and video surveillance cameras. In short, it was a private fortress, ready to reflect even the invasion of a zombie and a shootout with a special forces. Alcatraz in miniature. And nothing … carried out … While the owners were left.

And what is there to talk about the fence from the professionalist or the stakenik. Unscrewed and entered. Sometimes the house leaves — steal the fence. Metal is now more expensive than something else to find in the house.

Do not try to defend yourself with the fence from other people’s views.

Of course, sitting for a 6-meter fence around the perimeter of the site cozy, no one can see unnecessary. You can walk in negligee or at all without any «negligence» — in whom the mother gave birth. In my opinion, you should not turn your fence into your own prison.

For example, our plot from two sides is protected by the simplest fence from the professionalist. And, believe me, if it were not for strong winds and huge drifts in winter, I would love to take this fence twice as much as the erupteer.

And, yes, by the way, if someone wants to see something on your site, it will definitely see it. Modern technique it allows. With a large desire for $ 90, you can order a satellite shooting of a portion with a resolution of 3 centimeters.

No need to make a capital fence from heavy materials.

First, any fence winds, and it happens at times faster than with the house. The fence is open to all the charms of the weather, so the aging of this design takes place very quickly. And if a high-quality home is enough for the «century of the owner,» then the fence will have to be fixed. And more than once. Therefore, it is best to make a fence from ventilated, lungs and fast dismantled materials.

In addition, the house is a closed force frame in the form of a cube, the fence does not have such a strengthen, not only the wind, the sun, rain, but also such forces that are hidden from our eyes: frosty soil, soil failures, underground rivers etc. So the rule: on the foundation of the fence, save — a bad rule. Sometimes the fence has to make the foundation more powerful than the house.

Secondly, the height of the fence should relate to its bulk. Many believe that under the fence it is enough to pour a small ribbon, where to put 2 rod of reinforcement. In the spring, such a fence mother of cheese Earth repels out with the words:

-Muzhik, take your misunderstanding back.

The fence should be built from materials that require minimal attention and can be relatively easy to disassemble.

Our village is 30 years old and many have already encountered the need to disassemble the fence. Someone had a geodeticist in someone — they stood up 1.5 meters to the neighbor, someone had a river under the fence and the fence was simply led (together with a half house), some he dilapidated so much that he began to crumble on bricks. Imagine which hemorrhoids had people when they disassemble their fences. And how much dust and garbage!

It is best to build a fence from such a material to build and forgot about 10 years. In the case of a tree, a cellular polycarbonate, a sheet polycarbonate is not rolled. The tree must be repaired every 2-3 years. Polycarbonate is also instantly yellow and burst, and the vandals do not sleep. It seems: nothing terrible, time can always be distinguished.

Figure! Not always.

Sometimes just laziness, sometimes there is no money, sometimes you don’t have a business trip all year, and the fence looks like a disgrace. Plus, he will constantly suck money from the family budget. A good impregnation is now about-go.


This year, South Urals changed the weather with the Crimea or even Saudi Arabia. For all summer, we had 2 rain, and now the temperature in the shade comes to +42. Branch of hell on earth. So, all fences from the professional leaf become an additional frying pan — all the plants next to it are completely blown away. On the same plots there are such a stuff that many rejoice in any breeze. And it is not if the fence is deaf.

Stone also heats up well, so at night he gives heat around the surrounding air and night-looking is not felt at all.

And the last point …

How? You spoke about five points !!!

And he is not about the fence, or rather about his absence, but about it tomorrow.