7 ordinary things in Russia, which are deprived of Europeans and Americans.


Remember the old bearded joke:

Of course, this is a joke. But in every joke there is … Share joke, everything else is true. After all, if you think, we are so accustomed to crushing, as we are all bad, what are we poor and unfortunate, although, in fact, foreigners, many things in Russia are not too jealous, but they can’t even think that we have such.

So, 7 things we can be proud of:

Fast and cheap home Internet.

For us it became an ordination: sit in the evening to shine in YouTube, hang up in inst. Meanwhile, many Europeans still use … modem and pay for this pleasure decent money (about 5-7 times more expensive).

4G and 5G Mobile Internet.

My friend on the old habit gave the son of his girlfriend to watch a cartoon by phone in the USA. The score at the end of the month was very unpleasantly surprised. Each cartoon series cost her about a thousand rubles.

The arrival of a doctor at home.

No one will ever come to you!

My friend once broke his right hand in the wonderful city of Las Vegas. There are no local doctors there, there was never and will never. I had to go to the nearest hospital, where he served the 3-hour queue, and then it was forced to fill out a questionnaire personally on 7 pages. Broken hand …

After a couple of years, when he launched another hand (already in Russia) and got into the trauma, he was ready to kiss all doctors. As they say, everything learns in comparison.

Banks and government agencies work late.

In Europe, for example, all banks close at 4 o’clock. On weekends and holidays, they do not work. We must visit the bank — go to ask. We must arrange documents — ask. Slightly — ask. And this is a loss of money, the bosses take to the pencil. May not let go: Your problems.

24-hour shopping stores.

Site of public services.

His gardens and gardens, irrigated areas.

And, for example, in Denmark, to get the right to buy a garden, you need to stand in 10-15 years. In Germany, in many gardens, the ban on electricity is not burned. In the Netherlands in the garden you can only be until 17.00, it is prohibited to spend the night in order to avoid fire. Forget about the kebab at all — this pleasure can even stretch on a prison sentence.

Not tired?

Probably 7 little, let’s do up to 10.

Free access to the forest.

We are accustomed to the forest — this is how common, for everyone. You can choose any glade or river and «hit the tambourine». Try to make the same in free America or Enlightened and Democratic Europe. First, there is a large part of the Earth — Private property. Secondly, even the state forest is often struggling from people to protect the beast. And suddenly, the deer people scare or bear bold.

Freedom of repair, construction, do everything with your own hands.

For example, in the USA, independent repair can pour out in a round one fine. My acquaintances, who lived in the states, returned and were spoiled for a long time. Told such a case. Once we decided to invite neighbors on the barbecue. He spoke the socket and the owner of the house, quickly took out the scuffer, unscrewed, twisted the touching contact and everything worked. The Americans have admired, made a compliment of the host’s sleeveness, and when everything ended, they faced the municipality that the owner climbed into a socket without permission and license. Fine 600 dollars.

What to say? In neighborhood!

Almost everything is associated with construction and repair in states and Europe is made by licensed specialists for very much money. Change the rosette worth 5 dollars can do the homeowner at $ 240 — everything makes a licensed firm.

And last … just do not laugh.

The right to be gloomy and say that you have problems.

Someone says that it is bad, they say everything in the West smile. Everyone ask:

How do u yu?

And you are so smiling, you say:

Oll Wright!

Although in fact everyone to put on that, «how are you doing» and that you never have «all Wright». But in Russia you can honestly and openly go crumple and no one will come to you with your «how». Everyone see: a person has a problem, so the face looks like an old curved KAMAZ ?. And when a person decides his problems, then it will smile. Probably…