Americans wondered why 300 laps with a cross in Russia were scattered in Russia: when the Russians explained, they became scary


Some foreign Internet users have one very strange hobby: they are sitting alone, and sometimes groups behind the computer and study the Google satellite maps in search of various traces.

Someone is looking for secret hangars zone-51, someone is engaged in search of new Aztec pyramids and Maya, some almost with a magnifying glass study the bottom of the World Ocean in the search for huge walls, which are divided by the continents, others … In general, such people all over The world is several tens of thousands. They even have their own sites where the fruits of «monitor» surveys are laid out.

A year ago, at one of these sites, someone posted a study of the territory of Russia (former USSR). It turns out throughout our great and mighty, about 300 incomprehensible objects in the form of the star David and the cross in the middle are scattered.

What a discussion broke out there — it must be seen:

After a long discussion, discussions of all hypotheses, the presentation of accurate mathematical calculations was concluded:

Type air in the chest …

That these are situations of large spacecraft, which often arrive in Russia and share their technologies with «evil Russians.»

Exhale …

The proof was given photos on which it clearly seen that on some tips of the stars so far there are traces of a high temperature — there is no grows her grass. And the places of planting ships themselves are located near the cities — apparently to supply the aliens to the province, vodka, dumplings and jam.

Do you know what happened then?

The page with the discussion of Russian cosmodroms came … Russians. Read, twisted at the temple and closed. I went again, they reread and decided to explain the comrades who really come crazy, what it is about to actually.

In 1949, in just 4 years after the end of World War II, a thick folder with one sole word on the cover was on the table at the US Army Command on the Cover:


It was a nuclear impact plan through the territory of the USSR. According to this plan, in our country, 200 blows of atomic bombs should be applied. After that, the country capitulate and would be divided into 4 districts, each of which would rule the temporary occupation administration.

By the beginning / mid-50s there were three things that changed everything:

1) the number of alleged atomic blows through the territory of the USSR was reduced to 100, since this number of explosions would cause a nuclear winter and universal tribunal;

2) the USSR received its atomic bomb;

3) The existence of such a plan was found in the USSR.

So what are these strange circles, which are scattered through the territory of the USSR?

These are traces of placement of the batteries of the first Soviet S-75 Sprink, who covered all the cities for which Americans planned to reset their bombs. Their slightly more than 300 pieces — each city covered from 2 to 6 batteries, each radius was 40 kilometers.

For example, around my native Magnitogorsk, the steel heart of the Motherland, in which the largest metallurgical plant in Europe worked, such an SPC was subsequently a C-200 came to replace the C-75, but there were completely different traces of batteries, and I will tell about it separately .

Do you know what happened next?

The explanations of the Russians first did not believe, and when one of ours gave a link to the plan of the dropshot, which lies in the open access in the library of the US Congress, the amazement of ordinary Americans was the cruelty of their own military, there was no limit.

After that, the discussion was closed by the site administration and removed. All 7 Russian users who participated in the discussion and explanations are banned without explaining the reasons.