As a regular woman with two children created his business in the village, for which guests come from Germany and Italy come for


How often in glossy magazines can be found an interview with women who themselves, from scratch created their business. In the photo you see the model smiling «expensive» lips, in the clothes from the gucci, who spinning in long claws the keys from the Mercedes of the last model.

Everything, of course, beautiful, expensive, glamorrino, only this model during an interview forgets to tell the enthusiastic journalist that the money on the opening of the business gave a dad (husband) Junior Head of the National Protection (or presented at all with all fortress personnel).

The real life of the gloss has no. And women who have achieved something themselves, as a rule, they prefer their achievements not to cut into all Ivanovskaya — they got too expensive.

And, as you already guessed, the heroine of my story is just such.

Elena was born in a small industrial town — Sterlitamak, graduated from a university in the specialty teacher-psychologist. And it could safely work, only the health molded. Doctors have diagnosed — asthma — and advised to change the place of residence for more prosperous from an ecological point of view.

Where of a small industrial city in the Urals can move ordinary woman with two children? In Nice, Paris, California? If you think so, then go, please, in the section of unscientific fiction.

To the village!

And Elena, taking children under the mouse, moved. In an ordinary village, which was located in the very center of the Ural Mountains. Domestic difficulties did not scare it at all, the Russian woman, when he squeezes, maybe everything! For several years, a house was built — built it together on vacation, during the holidays. And then, one day, waved her hand and left the city.

This is all, of course, beautiful words. But behind them is a huge job and search for a response to the question:

-And what a teacher-psychologist in the village will live, where around only the mountain and absolutely no work?

The answer was found:

Create a museum and invite tourists to him: children and adults. All who want to touch the village house of the 19th century.

Said, Made, and Elena, along with his son and daughter, organized an unusual ethno-museum in an old rustic village house, where anyone can come and do what he could not have in the apartment and even in a private house:

The project was so successful that adults and children were taken to the museum not only from the nearest cities of Russia, but from other regions. Thanks to the neighborhood with a well-known campus, tourists from Italy, Germany, Austria began to look at the museum.

Now Elena is a steadily developing project. Yes, it was greatly influenced by the events of the past year. The flow of tourists has greatly decreased, income decreased, and the museum began to work after restrictions only from mid-June.

But … I see how every week at the gate of the museum stops cars with tourists, photoclaims appear about the events held and sincerely I am happy for the person who was able to not just change the scent city on the village «Volnitsa», but also find a job in the soul.

Maybe now the project is not superior, does not bring a monthly millions of young lady’s mistress, but satisfied with adults and a fun laughter of children participating in ideas and excursions, they say that the profit is not the most important thing.

It is much more important to take the first step, create your own business, to experience the support of your favorite people and move towards the goal — all this gives life meaning. And profit is the case is hiring.