As in Canada, the ceiling and walls are added to the walls, so that all the heat remains inside the house: a trick in mounting


Once in childhood I read the book of the famous Canadian writer Farley Moweet and so I wanted to Canada that there is no strength. Sometimes it dreamed that I would jump on the horse for deer, catching the northern fish, I sit at the fire with the Indians, I drink tea, singing the gentle Indian songs. But when I read how severely there are in the Canada of the winter, it turned out something.

And winter there are really harsh. Many believe that we have a harsh climate in the Urals, I have a hurry to upset, we are so accustomed to a soft winter when the sun can be -2 / -5 in the sun, that any frost in -20 is already considered a disaster. Models in thin trousers and short socks in the last fashion wait:

Well so cold!

Guys, visit Canada or on Alaska, at worst in Tyumen. This is where the White Tryndets, when the cars are not devoured for months, and even the Chinese thermal sidewars punch their mercury pillar. Naturally, in such conditions it is extremely important to maintain the housing in its homing.

The house should be warm and point!

For the house is not a house, if instead of the following +22, there is a branch of the Roman province of Dubnyachello in it. Russian people are not accustomed to walk in boots and sweaters at home. Canadians, by the way, too. There are no less than our love and appreciate warmth.

I have already told about my acquaintance Engus — he is a master glass fiber and lives in such a wilderness, so close to the north that can be said, with a local Santa Claus every day greet hands.

We often call each other on Skype and once he showed me his home during repair: all the walls are tightened with «gold», that is, foil on foamed polyethylene. So many do, even I put such a foil in my village house and it immediately added a few degrees of heat. True, she has more dense and reinforced with a glasswork, very similar to the cardboard.

But during our conversation, he patted his hand on the wall with a plasterboard, and she goes the walker, as if there was nothing there. I’m talking to him:

-Engus, wait, you have a marriage in the wall, there is nothing there, so in the house is cold.

-And there is nothing there.

-Like this?

-Well see himself.

Engeus found the place of connection of the layers of foam, made an incision on foil and showed me what is inside. And inside was … Emptiness:

And it is completely normal!

It turns out that in cold Canadian, where the sideworms fall on the bottom of the urals more often, they came up with additional dumpling of houses. Basically, the ceilings are insulated, but in some houses, where the owners are not sorry for several thousand dollars on this procedure, and walls are insulated.

As you know, most of the houses on the continent are dwellings of the NUF-NUFA, that is, skewers. It is quite traditionally frameworks are insulated by the Minvata, which is protected by steam barrier from the room.

But the heat such a design is still gives!

Therefore, so as not to breathe once again the walls and do not drag directly through the insulation of wiring and pipes, Canadian builders are additionally stuffed to a frame of a thickness of 20 mm. And on top of it, they are shot by brackets that the most golden with a reinforced folgo cardboard. And in the gap between gold and vaporizolation go all wires, corrugations, pipes and other communications.

Thus, the effect of the thermos is obtained, as well as the double heat and vaporizolation of the house from the bustling outside of Santa Claus.

I sit and think, can you try this technology to remove the ceiling in the workshop? It will not be worse. What do you think?