As one gardener was able to bypass all major producers: because of him knowledgeable people are looking for special numbers on rake


He lived yes in the small provincial town of the United States (according to its level, approximately corresponds to our village Lower Guadukino) one man. He loved, loved himself very much … No not his wife (he loved her too, and his beautiful daughter is even more), his biggest love was paining in the ground.

No, do not think about anything, at night at the cemetery he did not sharabate. The fact is that Michael, it was exactly the name of the hero of today’s story, was a designer engineer for his work and a gardener-gardener on vocation.

His garden could envy any landscape designer, not only the neighbors and just curious citizens came to admire his plot, but also people with other cities of sunny Californic.

All the competitions of gardeners, which only conducted in the district he won. In theory, we live and rejoice, but on what they achieved it was not going to stop. Every minute at home and at work, he dreamed that he could retire, engage in his favorite garden, planting plants, jump off the beds, cut the lawn.

And what is a beautiful garden and a garden without a good tool?

Right, no!

It is said that a real gardener, a dacket and in general, any owner of a private house is born with a shovel in his right hand and rakes in the left. And if Michael’s love shovel was mutual, it all arranged him, then with rakes, the relationship was not laid. It will break the cuttings, then the teeth will disperse, the places occupy a lot or come to the foot and go through the interface from all over force.

Therefore, as an experienced designer engineer Michael decided to correct all these shortcomings and reinstall

But when he presented them at the local congress of gardeners and gardeners, everyone wanted such rakes to themselves. And I understand them perfectly: it was light, but at the same time an extremely durable fan rake, which could be hung on the wall, quickly decompose into a big «fan», adjust the gaps between the teeth. And, yes, the injury was unrealistic.

On the very first day, the inventor received more than 200 orders for his miracle rake. There has nothing to do with your own production. So the gardener engineer became an entrepreneur. And everything would be fine, only the gardens of garden inventory learned about the new design and decided to earn it.

It’s no secret that gardening is a very profitable sphere, in which more than 9 billion dollars spinning every year. And already the next season in the assortment of many unclean deltsi, the same rake was blocked.

Oooh, how they regretted, subsequently that they came to these rake. It turned out that the gardener engineer was by no means a fool and patented his design. The courts lasted for more than 7 years, a single engineer survived against the team of the futures. And the law rose to the side of the engineer, who was able to earn more than 13 million dollars on fines.

But Michael perfectly understood that he could not stop piracy, so after the victory in court … he stopped the production of his Grabel and agreed with manufacturers: for each released unit he receives 10 cents under a license, and they provide strict control over technology, quality and … lack of piracy.

More than 35 years since the invention of these most fanish robber. Thanks to the successful move, the engineer became a millionaire, since its invention is bought and sold worldwide.

Look carefully in the photo below, guess what the difference between robbles:

The first rakes are made under license, high-quality materials are used, they are 3 years old, but they look like new! The second rakes are made in China, it is a fake, she is less than a year, and she is already all rusty.

So why do people know when choosing a fan robber for their site looking for special numbers? You have already guessed — this is the patent number and the number of the Rabel themselves, they put each manufacturer on the handle of Rabel produced under the license.

So, if you choose yourself a good rake, remember the history of the gardener engineer and look carefully on the opposite direction of the latch of the Waiter, it should be written there:

Patter Number Pat.p 85208309

Nr. 297 30 088.4

Such rake today produce more than a hundred large and small enterprises, the manufacturer’s name is not important — they are all the same. If there is a patent number on a latch, the rake will serve you faithfully not one and not even two years. And from the money paid 10 cents went as a remuneration of Michael. Agree, it is a low price for three years of searching for the perfect tool.

This year he turned 87 years old, thanks to Michael for a wonderful thing!