Budget replaces of paving slabs, which many do not even know: look better, put cheaper, lie longer


Many for some reason are confident that there is no budget alternative to paving slabs. Of course, if you are a senior assistant junior janitor somewhere in Gazprom and other national wealth, and the money is not used to consider, then the courtyard around your seven-story mansion can be coated by Carrara marble.

But ordinary people who go to the real work from dawn to the sunset, the cash is accustomed to not only take it, but also save. And when the question arises, what to blame the courtyard in front of the birthday house, so that the green toad sitting in the wallet does not die from the heartbroken, seeing the check.


Nothing like this!

There are several available alternatives that are not only cheaper, but also better, besides, not so demanding on the installation.

Cold asphalt.

Cold asphalt is not afraid of moisture, does not break into the cold frozen water, flexible in the case of soil movement. The only drawback is not everywhere you can buy it. In small provincial cities, sellers of building materials did not even hear about such a material.

At the price, it comes out a bit more expensive, but if you calculate the service life, the savings are extended very significant.

Wooden street parquet.

To enjoy the courtyard, the place of meeting the relatives of the people on the plot, the patio, the patch in front of the bath is the best material.

And how to walk barefoot on it!

This is an indescribable buzz!

Again, the question arises: the price? And here I will open you a small mystery: it all depends on where you will buy it. If in the hypermarket of building materials Joby or Merua Legelen, then the price tag will be made several times higher. If it is directly from the manufacturer, then instead of 1600 or even 2900 per square meter, you will give 800-900.

Stacking technology — brought, opened the box, lasted fasteners and forgotten.

Natural stone.

If you do not use expensive stones, and take an ordinary lemzit or aussian stone, then this coverage will be not only cheap, but also almost eternal.

Tinyakov — the most undemanding material when installed — put and forgot. If the edge has shuffled — came up, ached. If you went down — raised, squeezed the sand. Problems arise when the plane is put on a very liquid concrete — over time it begins to sharpen. As they say, «the concrete workers are not a beer, destroyed concreteers — water.»

This material has two problems: with the curves of the hands of the legs, the legs are knocked out for it, and it is afraid of shocks — ourselves once or two.

Stone carpet

From the point of view of aesthetics is the most beautiful technology, especially if you use a beautiful stone — a snake, Yashma. But the price !!!! So people who consider money, not to look at it. If you use a simple washed stone, but to order the glue base directly from the manufacturer, then the price will be very pleasant.

Stone carpet is not afraid of water, frost, cars, strong shots … almost nothing!

But he has one very unpleasant feature — it is slippery. And not only in winter, but also in the summer. Especially, if you wash it with Circher, and then call him on the car. My friend found out about this feature on my skin, famously twisted in just a washed courtyard at just purchased Mazda:





In general, he stopped not at the porch, but in the porch. Damaged hood, headlamps, bumper, radiator and 15 more details with a total cost of 240 thousand rubles. From my infarct

Rubber crumb (tile).

At a fairly high price, this coating wins in durability, strength and simplicity of laying. It can be put without any tricks or immediately on a concrete tie or on the sand layer. Everything itself is well stacked by the old Russian technology «High — so» with the addition of nanotechnology glue «FIG with it.»

Rubber is not afraid of water, frost, shocks, bundles, caring machines, even befastable KAMAZ. If you take the entire service life of the rubber tile, the price of the year of ownership is very lower than that of the paving or tiles.

The only question is ecology!

And there is another 6th option, which is given all of the above at times: cheaper, almost eternal, convenient, easily mounted, no effects are afraid. I didn’t even suspect about his existence until today. But, about this in the next separate article.