Checked the Council of the subscriber: defended the house and workshop from mice.


Unfortunately, it turned out that our site with a house and a workshop is not just an angular, but also the most extreme in the cottage village. On the one hand, this is, of course, great: Square is a little more, the people are less on the machines, motorcycles and quadrices, the air is cleaned.

However, this location has two essential drawbacks. First, we are open to all winds, and in recent times something loosened. Rescue from winds is a high fence.

And from the second attack the fence you do not cry, it will break into any hole — it is a harmful greeting brethren, that is, mice. In the summer, they do not remind themselves about themselves — they have enough food and real estate on the nearby field. Problems begin in autumn.

Gray brethren suddenly realizes that the resort is over, the cold will soon come, and somehow did not bring heating into cozy field minks. It is urgent to change the resilience to something incessant, that is, it is very desirable to dump where the heat, fed and you can quickly multiply.

And at the very first cold, especially if the frozen cold rains went, the mice tear claws to the nearest housing. And here just our house: warm, wooden, with a high hopper, a soft insulation … In general, a huge neon sign with the words:


In the first year, 16 mice were knocked on our «wooden paradise» on PMZ. I had to start the cat. Then one more. However, cats physically could not climb together with mice inside overlaps. Therefore, rodents with a peak and a shang ran in the floors and on the ceiling, and the cats with raised up the fruits were sacrificed on the carpet.

Sometimes then, then there was a satisfied crunch.

These rodents fought our home!

Realizing that cats are weak weapons in unleashed by us of the biological war, we decided to buy poison. But whether the mice were especially hungry, whether they had immunity to the red grain, in general, the whole poison was eaten.

Nothing left.

And at least one died!

Could write, 100% would have slipped the note as follows: «

Then we used special glue. Oddly enough, he helped. For two weeks, the mouse in the workshop and in the house were caught everything to one. After that, every fall I lay down at the corners of the house and the workshop of a piece of cardboard with a sticky layer, and for the season, five or six mouse sticks.


One of the subscribers suggested a way to do not fight with mice, but to make them not at all. Everyone knows that it is better to warn what to deal with what is already there.

We tried.

And, about a miracle, he works!


Need a cat and tray. In the tray, sawdust, wooden granules, or special sand (the only limitation — cannot be used the silica gel filler — to make all the earth).

After a couple of days, when the tray is complete and will begin to base well, you need to go beyond the limits of the site and wake up bad smelling solids along the fence, as in the photo. What are the good sawdust, that with the time the smell will disappear, and they just overload. This is useful for the Earth. And there are enough of their actions.

Now in the fall, I go with a tray along the fence and a thin layer I scatter sawdust. For the whole year there was not a single mouse! Even the neighbors said that this year the mice were much smaller — they bypass «terrible» the smell for them almost per kilometer.


We also have in