Earned 5 million in the old garage on simple trimming.


Maxim (the name was changed at the personal request of the hero) all his independent life worked at metallurgical production. Everything is stable and predictable: from morning to evening at work, two weekends a week, two times a month salary for a card drip. It is not necessary to throw a well-paid work that the mortgage is paid and contains a family with two children even in the head did not come.

Why change something when everything is fine!

Do you know what has changed a stable and secured person’s life?

Envy and «Hand Curves»!

Once, Maxim went to the minibus after work, and on the way home as they say «stuck in the phone.» And his eyes caught a video about how people make beautiful large tables from epoxy resin. At first glance, everything was very simple, took the board, spread all the junk on it, poured the resin and received a finished product that could be sold with a very large markup.

And Maxim decided to try to make himself such a «fuel table». I bought the resin, locked in the garage, where I took a sheet of an old chipboard, threw toys on him and poured a resin. A day later, returned from work, he went to the garage and saw his masterpiece: all in bubbles, curve, oblique, with a crack in the middle, so since one edge part of the epoxy just left.

The failed masterpiece was delivered to the corner and forgotten. But every time Maxim came to the garage to pick the car or put a portion of the pickles / jar in the cellar, this curve masterpiece reminded himself:

Look, I’m here, you did not work. Crubble!

And on one day, Maxim was naturally psychulin: I bought with a vacation saw, Phaneru, ordered a large canister of resin and locked in the garage.

And again the masterpiece did not work. Here in man recited no longer envy, but natural anger:

I did not succeed! There, the guys work everything from the first time, and I do not come out.

For many six months, Maxim is constantly after work and even during the holidays closed in the garage and tried, I tried, I tried. Las the fill, grinding, varnishing. The wife did not swear and did not dive — it is in any case better than sitting at a computer and drive after changing tanks.

Only after 6 months he turned out a small table, which was not ashamed to show his friends. Then it was decided to make a big project. A friendly joiner is gained a huge pile of trimming of birch, beech, oak and other solid wood. Everything in the car did not fit — I had to ride twice.

The assembly and fill of the Big Table took him two weeks — all vacation. The work helped even the seven-yeary son. He really liked to pick up and fold the pattern of cropping. Mom took the sandwiches in the garage. So the whole family worked.

Masterpiece praised in social networks. And almost immediately through Instagram to Maxim, they applied to the order — you need the same countertop — without legs. He took. The only snag arose when it was time to give the table top to the customer. He wrote:

-It is ready, come. What area of the city live in? I can bring.

I live in Israel.

So the first made to order the tabletop went to the ground promised. And after 3 days a new order came. And also from Israel. Then there was Austria, Germany, again Israel, England and even New Zealand.

And then Maxim quit. In surprised eyes the size of the headlight of the Zaporozhets and a mute question of the head «What ???» He answered directly:

-I on two weeks of vacation, I earned more in the garage than, half a year at the plant.

And it was pure truth!

For the sake of the first countertop, Maxim bought a striker saw and canister of resin, spending on all 16 thousand. Then, of course there were still spending, I had to buy a lot: Bulgarians, grinders, compressor, kraskoraspylitel. A year later, cores came to serious machines: circular, fuganka, milling mill, reysmaus, welding semi-automatic.

But on the price, he no longer watched, since over the past two years earned more than 5 million rubles. The case is completely paying for: the spouse leads accounts in Instagram and VC, the son helps to lay trimming, together poured and grind.

Maxim workshop specializes in the manufacture of equipment from epoxy from cropping. Most of the orders (approximately 70%) comes from abroad. Everything else is the CIS.

So from the envy and «curves» a completely successful workshop appeared. Of course, 5 million for 2 years not such more money, the personal «compensation» will not build on them. But if a real man has its own business and it feeds the family, he does not need more.