Economy Hendmade: Which needlework brings the most money?


I am often asked on Zen in the comments, on social networks and even, it happens, calls on the phone:

What can be done today?

What can you earn?

What is most in demand?

A single answer to any of these questions is nothing more than an attempt of official statistics to allocate average salary in Russia: someone is meat, someone cabbage, and in general, cabbage rolls. Therefore, very often I am fragrant:

The best craft in Russia is drinking from the budget.

But if no jokes, then the wizard’s earnings depends on the huge number of factors, each of which can and does not play a decisive role, but in general can significantly raise or reduce the wizard’s revenues. These include:

-nual skill;

-Ceptionity of products;

-these is actively communicating with people and trade;

-custration and relevance of a specific craft both in the country and in a separate region;

-Antability of the master in social networks;

marketing and economics knowledge;

Good luck;

And another hundred thousand five hundred reasons and conditions.

I will not try to allocate the average temperature in the hospital, and just tell you on my example and examples of familiar masters of the Chelyabinsk region. Probably, you will be interested to compare it with your personally or another region.


Wooden Toys

Beresta —

Tailoring, knitwear

Painting on glass —

Prints (painting) on clothes


Goncharne craft

blacksmith craft




Author dolls

Brooches from acrylic and plexiglas

Laser cut of plywood

Bijouterie from silver and bronze

Handmade soap and cosmetics


All numbers are not taken from the ceiling, indicated by specific people when polling, with their personal permission. The honesty of answers is not discussed, it is on the conscience of each master.

As you can see the scatter it turns out very large. It all depends on the specific master and the genus of its activities. I did not find your craft — I apologize, I don’t have exact figures, but I’m not going to fantasize.

If there is a desire, write how much you go, what region and what do you do? Do you feel a decline or, on the contrary, an increase in sales?

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