Every day, a lone old old man came to the shore of the sea and looked at the birds: in a year he told, for what


For some reason, it is believed that as soon as fame and money comes to a person, he immediately moves somewhere in the capital, buys expensive real estate, the car, begins to attend secular parties and whipped champagne in the morning with caviar.

What to say? A person succeeds — this is his right.

But, what remains of creativity after universal recognition? Unfortunately, it often happens that having achieved recognition, feeling the taste of success, the master degrades and create masterpieces are no longer capable — there is a conveyor for making money.

But real masterpieces, real creativity with money is not connected. Only freedom gives a man wings, the ability to create. And the hero of today’s article is a bright confirmation.

Several years ago in a small island state — Farreers, an old man appeared. He settled on the high shore of one of the islands, and every day began to come to the sea, look at the raging surf and flying along the shore of the birds.

The locals were guessing who it was what he earns her bread: agriculture was not engaged, only occasionally catches fish on a serpent boat, but walks along the shore, looks at the waves and on birds.

People began to worry, however which did not happen: several times it came to the police. However, the authorities did not find anything criminal in the behavior of a strange old man.

Over time, everyone calmed down and no longer pay attention to the eccentric old man: well, wanders along the shore, let it wandering. Everything changed in a year, when a crowd of completely unfamiliar people got to the island and they all rushed to the same lonely old man.

It turned out that the old man is a famous artist, a master’s stratified manner who wanted to learn what real freedom looks like, freedom from people, money, states, all that surrounds us in everyday life. For this, he went to the most remote in the archipelago and settled there for a whole year.

The name is this old man Trendur Patarysson.

All this time, he dressed in the most simple and uncomplicated clothes, caught fish for food, watched the sea and birds. And every evening cut out the silhouettes of seabirds from the glass, and painted them with special glass paints.

A year later, he presented a collection of glass birds ranked hand-drawn. Some of the birds were very small, and some of the wings with the wings exceeded two meters.

The collection of Patarysson rushed the whole world, he became famous for him that hail orders fell on him: many museums and simply wealthy people wanted to get into their assembly of the art of such beautiful birds, from which itifies real freedom.

The creator of birds received an invitation to move to New York and make the manufacture of his «free birds» to order. It was about the amount with six zeros. However, the master refused the tempting proposal: he liked him so much to live a full-fledged, free life on the shore of the Major Island, that he decided to return to his hut and continued to engage in creativity there.

Several times a year he comes to a big land, brings his new creations and sells them. He spends a completely small part of the money, the big part is going to charity, saying that a truly free person does not need a lot of money.

And, you know, I fully agree with him …