Found a cache of builders: what happened to the building materials, which had broken 12 years in Earth


In each builder somewhere deeply deeply lies the real wizard, and how otherwise it is not magic to name the ability of some brigades to arrange the teleportation of inventory of commodity values from one point to another.

You look, here it stood on the rack of three buckets with paint, the brigade used only one thing, but not all three. The brigadier leads you to the front of the painted works, and there is only half a half, the maximum is used. But the whole brigade convinces you that all three buckets spent on a small patch.

And the eyes are honest, honest …

In general, I had to face one of these focus. And they made it 12 years ago, and I could only reveal it last week.

When we just started building a house, all my building knowledge ended with the phrase «each house should have a foundation and roof.» 12 years have passed continuous construction and now I have to teach some builders, as it should be done on the bottom, and not «EEE, the owner, we always did it.»

But then, 12 years ago, there were young, completely green husband and wife, and listened to how much and what they need to buy to build a house. The brigadier handed us a list of two pages and sent shopping.

After a week, the brigade began work, and the building materials bought by us began to be gradually teleported in an unknown direction. Since in construction, I did not understand anything, I could not really check. But the brigadier spoke with honest eyes:

That’s where we used everything. Mom swear.

As I understand now, you have heard us very well. 12 years have passed and last week, when we flew a trench for removing rainwater from the workshop, a cache was discovered with non-flywarded materials.

At a depth of 10 centimeters from the surface, the sand and thin layer of the Earth lay: a layer of vapor barrier, under which 10 sheets rarely laid at the time of the short sheet, several sheets of chipboard, two steam barrier rolls and packing acrylic siding.

All this was cooked to teleportation, but, apparently, the magicians prevented my habit of doing a lot. On that day, the Gazelle with the slagoblock was late and came late in the evening, the brigade was already gone. So 6 cubes manually had to unload me alone.

The next day, when the brigade saw a bunch of blocks on the future garage on the spot of his cache, it became clear that the focus would not pass. How they burned the desire after home to build a garage. But I did not have money, the construction was frozen for a year.

What eyes they had!

But I understand it only 12 years later!

Now, now, in fact, what happened to the materials: the paoshaloration remained a pipe. Despite the fact that there are no ultraviolet in the Earth, there were enough stuff to turn into nephoranty oxes.

The vulnerable glass chamber, the Chinese material of the future, which is allegedly not afraid of either moisture, no fire, nor the sun turned into a rag.

The chipboard turned into a masho from sawdust and covered with a thick layer siding.

The best siding was preserved, which was lying at the very bottom. Actually, he did nothing at all. Only polyethylene packaging, and siding as new, only very dirty.

We found such an interesting find near the workshop. It was very interesting and even funny if it were not so sad. In general, I wish you so that during the construction of the house there was as little focker teleports.