Friends they are such friends.


Almost every time we are in Chelyabinsk, Miass, Yekaterinburg, on the way back, we visit Yuzhnouralsk. And so do very many people passing by this city. The reason is that right on the track is a huge wholesale and retail market.

Eight long hangars, 4 healthy pavilions, many small shops and stalls. If you want to buy dishes, pots, knives, glass and porcelain products, paintings, garden equipment — you are here.

Not one decade, this market was the center of attraction for residents of the region. And everything began with the South Ural porcelain factory. With the collapse of the USSR and the collapse of the planned economy, in the era of total deficit, everything and everything, it was possible to buy normal dishes only in Yuzhnouralsk. All products of the UFZ were presented in the city market.

The plant developed well and even planned to acquire several lines for the manufacture of porcelain. But the plans of the plant were not destined to come true — the Chinese intervened. At the same time, a large number of Chinese products appeared on the market.

Yes, the Chinese porcelain was gray, the products were broken only in this way, the nose of the teapots fell off from simple silence. But Chinese products had a very large dignity that overlap all the flaws — she cost a penny. The South Ural Plant could not compete with spear products and the line stopped.

Today on the South Ural market you will not find a high-quality local porcelain. All Chinese. It, by the way, was very good in price, and I have nothing to answer in China — the plant has stopped the plant. Even with a big desire — nothing to compete with the Chinese.

Everything. The performance is over, thank you all, please disperse.

In 2011, in Chelyabinsk under the noise of applause, Thunder Fanfar, cutting ribbons and other tinsel was launched an anode plant. In 2012, he came out at full capacity. This production was considered the most high-tech in the area and even in Russia.

This plant was the first to receive certificates from all European states, received all permits, all tolerances. He had a bright future, big plans … were.

The Chinese have en masse the prices for their electrodes. In fact, this is an open dumping. Product production at the Chelyabinsk Plant decreased 4 times a year! As a result, the plant closes the lines for the production of electrodes. And you know what will happen in a few years? The Chinese will raise the prices of the electrodes, but we will not be able to do anything. Just as in the case of a porcelain factory. We wonder and let’s buy Chinese electrodes further. What do you think I did our state? Closed the market duties? Supported the domestic manufacturer?


The state announced that dismissed employees will pass courses of retraining and vocational guidance.

Say, again divened, everything disappeared?

Yes, divened!

But takes anger.

So healthy, cold anger!

We are exactly in power sitting people who think about the country? Why for loud words, beautiful slogans, we really lose production. Does the state not benefit from a strong economy with normally acting production?