Glass weapons Meshesico — Scientists still do not understand how it works


We are accustomed to the fact that glass is something fragile and fragile. Slightly bore, fell and crashed. However, the glass itself is very durable material that you can not only imagine your finger, but also make a lot of bad things. And in this, oddly enough, the first to be convinced by Spanish conquistadors.

From the school year of history, everyone knows that these guys were very active seeking, creative and loved their queen very much. That was a wise woman and all the energy of these comrades sent to the right direction — to look for new lands overseas.

Once they were sent, they swam. And since there was nowhere to go in the long-range swimming of energy, then upon arrival in place they managed literally for two years to make a 12 millionth state of the Indians. The textbooks say that Aztecs were so amazed by the power and weapons of the Spaniards, which could not oppose them.


Aztec warriors (by the way, in fact, their name was not aztec, and Meshically, hence the name of Mexico), too, the flies did not love flies. We came from behind the ocean with white soldiers in strange unobed armor (the Indians did not know the iron, although gold and lead melted melted) they opposed …


The weapons of Indian warriors were made of glass. Take a look at the top photo — this is a Makahoullow (in some sources — Makuutet). A peculiar wooden blade, on both sides of which the finest strips from volcanic glass were inserted — obsidian.

Obsidian has two very bad qualities.

First, despite the decent hardness (5.5 on the MOOS scale) it is easily ourselves on small plates, so it is very easy to handle it with a hand tool. You can beat on a piece of volcanic glass solid stone and it will be cleaned on the plates.

Secondly, since the glass is narrowing not exactly, peculiar jar is formed. Which is not just sharp, but very, very, very sharp!

As a razor!

Only this razor looks like a drink. And this saw-razor, the vest at maxima, the warriors of Mešiko used with a stunning skill. Of course, in the end, the conquistadors of the Indians still «carried out», but once a-ta-that white gods managed to do.

This happened on July 1, 1520 and the Spaniards still remember this day, calling him «Night of Sorrow». Aztecs staged an ambush and attacked the Spaniards. Those did not perceive the attack seriously and, relying on the power of their

It was then that it turned out that the armor of glass swords do not make their way, but the legs, hands, heads that grow from these most armor are separated very well.

Armed with Makuhutlas The local population instantly threw the total number of Spaniards for 400 people. Those rushed to run, and, thanks to the help of traitors, were able to hide. More hand-to-hand fights Spaniards were not allowed and always tried to arrange a barrier fire from guns and guns.

What is so interested in Makahoull?

The fact is, to date, not a single working copy of this weapon has been preserved. Even those that lie in museums are modern reconstructions.

Before the final fall of the Empire Meshiko — the Aztec soldiers were symbolicly destroyed all their shavers.

Scientists still do not understand how the Indians could fasten the glass in ordinary woods, why it did not fly, did not crumble, but was a formidable weapon. Supermanoment was not yet, it was not fixed with ropes.

How? Mystery!