How to be vigorous to any heat: the recipe for the Soviet boys, who «reorganized» Italian and became a millionaire


Already the second week fixed on the window Street thermometer screames into the glass and quietly poured:

Stop home, we did not agree.

And I understand it perfectly, Saudi Arabia was delivered some sideways to the South Ural. Instead of traditional green winter places with protracted rains, mosquitoes and nightdowns, the second week, the sun fry at such a pace that simply go from the stop to the stop — the feat. The shadow reached +42, and it is better to do not even even consider it on the sun — there is not enough divisions on the thermometer.

We politely answer the thermometer:

-Terpi, friend, soon autumn.

Although I yourself want to climb somewhere in the basement and pour from the heat. But at the same time you need to work and create work and creativity. Do not fall from a heat shock and look like a low-headed cucumber helps us with Italian … Eee Greek … Uh No, Russian Refreshing Drink, which gives strength and a lot of energy.

First, the recipe, and then I will explain from where it appeared:

Liter bank is taken. You can plastic can be glazed. No difference, the main thing is that the capacity is narrow and elongated. Why and why — understand.


Next, we polished with two tablespoons of white death with two tablespoons … Sugar.

If you want a dairy taste, you can add condensed milk. The wife adds, I’m not. There is a clean taste.

After that, add 400-500 milliliters of cold water to the container. It is better than 400 — so there will be more foam and it will not be bothering you when scolding.

Do not believe, already at this stage the composition begins to foam, although there is no gazing or other tricks here.

Close the lid and carefully shackle. Carefully — this means very sharply, very much for 15 seconds — no more. After that, you see a thick foam cap and a bit of cold coffee at the bottom of the bottle.

On this actually, everything. We open, spread, get sucking and we use. With a strong heat, you can repeat, but it is better not to overdo it. Once we have been boring such a drink after which two nights in a row could not sleep. Played in ku-ku.

In fact, the fact that you have read the above is a recipe for a traditional Greek drink called Frapep. It is believed that in 1957 he invented the Italian at the exhibition-presentation of instant coffee Nestle.

Only in fact, not a fig he is not Greek, and not even Italian, he is Russian!

Such refreshing drinks were able to prepare not Italian millionaires at all, but simple Soviet boys. True, they did it not from coffee …

The fact is that the USSR traditionally imported coffee on a huge scale. Every year we purchased several thousand tons of coffee beasts. And they paid for them with gold, currency. So coffee for a simple people was pleasure very expensive.

And the Soviet Food Industry learned coffee

And these drinks are very well refreed in the summer in the cold. The Soviet boys gladly bred them with sugar, they added a condedenka and scolded. Foam they gave even greater than soluble coffee with sugar on the recipe of an Italian millionaire.

So this palm of the championship in the invention of this recipe can be given to all Soviet boys who loved to drive football in the heat (and not to blame smartphones), and then take away home, hug mom and ask:

-Maam, and there is something to drink cold?

To which, who came from the work of Mom, sometimes answered:

-Trampy yourself.

So we thought!

No, I do not say that the Italian stole the idea of boys. But, such drinks made long before 1957, the truth is not from coffee.