How to instantly launch a gas boiler in frost: the Council of the Master, who saved my house


The law of meanness is not just someone’s stupid fiction, he really exists!

Which week we already live in the spring by the calendar, but behind the window we still firm winter. At the beginning of March, everyone relaxed, they saw the gentle sun, the first protalynes, many even threw the jackets or warm pants, and began to slowly take the snow from the courtyards, like … for four days it was already looking for a pricious grandmother-winter.

Yes, I didn’t just look, and I opened the gate kick, looked at my spring half, grinned and said:

Drain? Get!

And last week we got in full: it was +2 it became -28. It could not have done something good, in the strongest frost, when at night, the cool thermometer would have requested to the house, and the gas boiler also decided.

At three o’clock in the morning, just when I returned from the workshop and was going to sleep, the boiler gave me a very «pre-execution» surprise:

ERROR E10 — fell pressure in the system.

It’s OK

Yeah, it was not here! The water gained, the pressure came to normal, but the boiler still asked for a house:

ERROR E03 — no traction.

Speeding the nose to the street I saw the third unpleasant surprise:

There was nothing to do in the garage behind the stairs, shoot down the icicle, clean the chimney and resuscitate the boiler. Actually, this article is just about it.

Despite the amazing reliability, buxi gas boilers are very similar to women: beautiful, state, expensive, but sometimes include the «bitch» mode.

I remember our first wintering, in a very strong frost the boiler was dedicated and did not want to turn on anything. That only I did not do, which buttons did not press, cleaned, dried with oil, blew, cooler … in an hour, in exhaustion I am completely on it, I knocked my fist on the front panel and the Kazakh:


The answer to me was a crackling of piezoroz, and the hum of the flame! Because of what he turned on, I do not understand: whether it is from the threat of «treason with another boiler», or from the blow to a fist. Five minutes later, the emergency room arrived at home, the gas workers laughed at my story for a long time. And at the same time they explained how to reanimate the boiler.

To resuscitate the boiler, if rebooting, flushing the chimney and an increase in the pressure in the system does not help, you need to remove the decorative panel, then the combustion chamber protection panel and the internal boiler will open.

There is nothing terrible there. We are interested in two things:

Turbine. You need a finger to bring the impeller and make sure that it rotates freely. If the effort is felt, then a pair of oil drops can be drip in the motor bearings. Helps a lot!

The thrust relay, which is connected to the turbine translucent hose. If you have cleaned the chimney, the thrust must be, and the boiler stubbornly shows the error E03, by 99% the entire jamb lies in this small boxhushka or in the tube, which it is attached.

The whole salt is that over time the membrane inside this box can simply lose elasticity. And one more thing, condensate often accumulates in the tube. The boiler knows how to determine it and if there is at least a hint of humidity, it will not turn on. Never! Sometimes he just happens to be blown off: he thinks that there is a moisture, but it is not there.

Resuscitation occurs in two stages, remove the tube from the turbine and blow it well with a well-heated household hairdryer at maximum speed. The relay clicks and will give a signal to the boiler, which is all the rules, the owner stands in front of him in the trousers on the knees and apologizes. After that, the heart of the boiler thaws and it is blessed.

After that, it is enough to pour into the tube for a couple more minutes to dry the entire moisture, then connect the phone to the turbine, close the panel and go to sleep.

Naturally, this advice works only when all the electronics, pump, gas pressure, electricity is available, that is, the boiler whimsides itself because of the frost. In all other cases, call

And yes, there will be a blue flame!