How to make a path from a natural stone to not fall apart and stood for years: a simple reception of practitioners


The path from the natural stone around his beloved house or in the garden plot is the dream of many owners. And in this there is its own truth — Planika looks aesthetic, it turns out much cheaper than the same paving slaves and even more so rubber tiles, put it one pleasure, and with the right installation there is such a coating with decades.

If it were not for one but!

Suddenly, neither with this coating can start crumbling right in their eyes. The sorry owner of the vinit of builders, poor-quality cement, finds 1000 reasons.

But it is not enough to help — everything crumbled.

A few years ago, my good friend decided to improve my site by natural stone. I got off with a neighbor on the car and ordered the plate directly from the manufacturer. The car came, the stone was unloaded, divided into two heaps and began to worry.

Oleg decided to lay a tile on his own. He did not trust the hired challenge, so armed with two straight hands, holidays, wife and children in the helpers, for two weeks of hard work closed the entire courtyard of a beautiful yellow stone. Look dearly to see! Yes, the seams in some places are broad, in some places there are no level, but in general, on a samorse hair dryer, all the bundle.

His neighbor (name, unfortunately, I do not know) Summer holidays were deprived, and a person can only combine work on the site and work in the plant only with bullish health and persistent property do not sleep at all. Therefore, he went the most beautiful road — hired a highly skilled brigade tochikiston. Those came, looked, agreed about the price and started work.

Oleg watched the neighbor and all checked:

Need, with your own hands. These thin layers are put, everything breaks. In vain gave money.

What do you think, who has rejected the whole stone in two years, and the courtyard became similar to the place of hostilities?

That’s right, it is my friend.

The stone looked at Oleg. There was no limit to chagrin. What he just did not do, even tried to cover the stone by layers of rubberoid for the winter. But everything in vain — torn off. A neighbor, by the way, did not gloat, because …

A year later, he also pulled around. Although the seams were thin, and the stone is posted in terms of level.

Hold the neighbors to hire normal masters who specialize in alterations of the builders. For their services, they took almost three times more, as dismantling and so on require much more strength and time than laying from scratch. Made a week all the walkways and yards, and left.

Do you know what happened next?


I went the fourth year, and the map of the tumka is like new!

Before the start of work, the brigade explained the unlucky builders why they all collapsed and what to do so that nothing happened. So, all the «builders» dealt with a tumor and a paving slave are divided into two groups:

According to the rules, paving the tumor with the use of concrete is allowed under the observance of three conditions:

Knowledgeable masters that give a guarantee for their work, the third paragraph is performed twice: when they are added to the solution not only the C-3 plasticizer, but also a hydrophobic powder type of hydrobetone or plastic. And then, after curing the card, the surface of the hydrophobic additive on silicone base is treated.

Double treatment (concrete itself in the mass and its surface) does not allow water to penetrate the stone-plate and after freezing to pull it out of the card.

Therefore, the Council is very simple. If you decide to lay a plate on your own, then do not spare the sand or dropout, it is good to smell it, we swipe with water, make a reinforcement on top and use a hydrophobizer powder for solution and silicone impregnation for the finished track. If you update the impregnation every 5 years, then such a track will serve for a very long time.