How to replace metal and OSB: 5 high-quality analogues that went around the price increase


It is not a secret for anyone that metal and wood have been beaten all imaginable and inconceivable records, competing, who will break through the growth of price tags. However, they did not come together with the Light of the Wedge, and experienced builders are already trying to replace building materials with sustained gold raids by more budgetary materials.


However, the Chinese have already realized what they were shouting towards Russia:


Joke joke, but their swelling and speed can be envied. After the household complexes in China, there is a breakdown of thin shavings, they mix it with magnesite, reinforced the grid and voila — a new sheet building material is ready.

If he used to go frankly shameful quality, then recently the Chinese have finished it well to the desired condition. On a sheet of 12 mm thick, put on 2 plates, you can stand — it springs, but it does not break.

And, most interesting, in the composition of these sheets, the same Russian tree, only in China, for some reason, it is cheaper than us. The CML goes well not only on the inner finish, but it may well be replaced with an outdoor. When the desired density is designed, it is placed and closes the «Coroic».


As the basis for laminate floors, a clogging for the base, a bathroom finish or toilet under the tile of the CSP, there are almost no competitors. The last week we have these sheets in the city only the noise costs — the Golden Plywood lies near and no one needs.

The only drawback from the CSP is weight, but if your home is designed by normal specialists, and not LLC «NUF-NUF house-building», then believe me, the CSP will be a good choice.

Panels Beltermo.

With a big desire, the house, closed by these panels, can be quietly left for a year — until the next construction season. They will withstand — do not doubt. But for the next season, right on these panels you can kill a beautiful trim.

Unlike plywood, these panels are better passing moisture, not allowing condensate to accumulate in the insulation. And by themselves, they are a good insulation, which does not boast plywood.


I didn’t have money for the crane, I did not find the workers in the winter (everything is in winter hibernation) so five days I wore a slag block from end to the end: I took two jokes in my hands and went through 40 meters, then back. You understand, mutual love in such a situation can not be. But the hands were lengthened by centimeters for 10 for sure.

But the material itself is very good, and considering the cost of plywood, it makes sense to build a house from the slagoblock. Now it is cheaper than it only arbolit, but there are their montage troubles.

Now we are simply enough with terrible force — all the collectors and even individual individuals are littered with orders until the end of the season. With me, the owner of such a collector with tears in his eyes refused to another customer: he offered any money for the party in 50 cubes, but everything is already painted.

With high-quality masonry and good insulation, the house from the slagoblock will not have one human life and will not be cold in winter or heated aki thermos in the summer. No wonder, many villagers choose it precisely instead of the «burning» log cabins.


With me in the «Technonicoli» at once, three buyers ordered ondulin in a row, although they would have taken metal tile or flexible roof. People are ready to sacrifice quality and durability at the expense of a more adequate price.

By the way, as for durability here, you can argue, since the professionalist and metal tile recently acquired such a thickness that you can wrap a chocolate tiles in them, and it is not yet known that faster crane — chocolate or metal thick 0.37 mm with paint and primer (that is, the real metal thickness of about 0.28 — 0.3).

So, if you need to be built in this construction season, think about building materials analogues. The light did not touch the wedge on plywood and straw. If you found any other substitutes — write in the comments, share your experience, I will be grateful.