How to save on delivery: 5 useful tips that will not say employees of mail and TC


Fairs and festivals are, of course, great, but the sale of things made by their own things through the Internet occupies more and more time from the masters. And since the portals of instant communications on Earth for some reason are not yet open, it is necessary to enjoy the oldest transport companies and Russian Post.

Moreover, if the last five years ago, all the masters scolded without exception, then over the past year-two, our mail made such a step forward that some foreign services and local TC remains only to envy.

Unfortunately, sometimes the cost of delivery is eaten from the product embedded in the price of the product, such a piece, which would be cheaper to just give friends or leave themselves. Meanwhile, saving on delivery is not only possible, but also need.

So, 5 ways to save well on delivery:

Departure of Russian Post to design only through the mobile application and payment also through the application.

First, time saves — came to the post office, sometimes you can squeeze without a queue, scanned the code and everything — your parcel has already gone through the hands of employees.

Secondly, for clearance through the mail application, points are charged, which can be spent on the payment of the following parcels. It is very economical.

Thirdly, clearance through the application itself is cheaper. Low, but discount.

And one moment:

Many post offices do not like to send minor parcels and letters not first class.

(They have some kind of inner competition on this matter), so if you need to contact the products by simply sending — it is better to make it in the application, there you can choose the class of departure, and then there is no need to swear with the operator in the department.

Payment of postal services by stamps.

It is very nice!

Naturally, the employees of the mail are not very fond of such a phint, but if you go to the operator and say the cherished word «payment by stamps», then you will not be refused, and the discount will pleasantly surprise

Purchase of boxes is not per mail and TC, but in third-party organizations.

The same applies to polyethylene packages for parcels and parcels. Take a lot cheaper in specialized online stores than in the maidest.

After the New Year holidays, we buy packages for the departures of Russian Post in the Simland store.

At this time there are big discounts and package instead of 85 rubles you can buy … 57. And it is even cheaper than taking directly from the manufacturer. The whole focus in purchasing volumes: we take at 100 — 300 pieces, Simima purchases hundreds of thousands. Hence the size of the discount. In the mail the same package costs 132 rubles.

Conclude an agreement with the transport company.

After the conclusion of the contract, the tariff of the online store is applied, and this is about 2, and sometimes 3 times lower than for ordinary shipments. For example, the delivery of a large boat from St. Petersburg to Magnitogorsk from the factory to the warehouse was only 349 rubles.

Service box.


In the SDEK there is a box of the box, according to which 4 or 5 sizes are offered to choose from. If you use it, then the cost of departure is reduced by about 15-20%.

Will be cheaper — checked!

On the one hand, this is a penny, but when 1500 — 2000 packages are sent for the year, then a very decent amount comes.