I calculated 22 options: the last budget way to finish the facade without plywood, metal and siding


The facade is such an interesting thing that everyone has in sight, but at the initial stage of construction for some reason everyone forgets. It seems: the main thing is to build a box and cover the roof house, everything else — in particular and the big money will not require.

We also thought so … naive!

In fact, finishing work on the facade and inside may require money more than it was spent on the box with the roof and the foundation. And it’s not a joke! You understand, until that year, no questions with the facade finish did not arise. Who wanted than, that he was separated.

And now you sit and understand: every square meter of the facade will cost such a round sum that the family budget will sit on a multi-month hunger strike.

It must be said that: Southern Urals is a very interesting region. Although we and the «southern», and many seem to be so warm that even in winter you can walk in a light jacket, but …

This is not true!

Winter we have so severe (a couple-triple weeks for sure) that even dogs refuse to go out in the morning to do their dog affairs. And you go to work in the morning, the highest creature, the peak of evolution and the icicles from the nose are styling. In the summer, the sun can be so pressing that instead of working or hooping in the garden you are lying in a shadow on the floor, quietly pour and envy penguins.

So from the facade, its insulation and protection depends a lot. Including, you will walk in the winter at home in the cowards or sit closed in 10 plaid and boots.

In our region, such facades are very popular: vinyl siding, imitation of Bruus, Tehtonikol Huberg, Socal Siding.

As many people already know, we are completing a new big workshop. And today the question arose in all its evidence: how to separate the facade. I took the calculator, got at the table, opened the price lists of all construction companies that are in the city and began to count.

Calculator smoked from the number of zeros!

In total, the 22 finishing options went through, ranging from the simulation of a bar, lining, professional sheet, siding and up to completely exotic, like cassette panels. And every time, by taking the final figure, sitting in my wallet Green toad did not even quack, she was angry!

And then I came to mind very simple thing: go through the villages of our city, and see what people now get the facades right now. It’s not a secret, many tightened the belt, save, but the construction continues.

Do you know what kind of facades are now? Not at all siding, wood or metal …


Bentally plastering along the insulation. Directly on the facade of mushrooms fasten the insulation — foam, extrusion or basalt, tighten the reinforced glass grid and plaster.

It turns out cheap, aesthetic and practical. Brigade of the finishes, not much straining, can launch a one-storey house for two-days.

Even in those villages, where the architectural solutions used siding or imitation of the bar, began to move onto decorative plaster. In such facades there is no tree, no metal, expensive galvanized profiles or planed timber. Only insulation, glue-foam, mushrooms, grid and plaster.

Of the 48 houses under construction under this summer, the Koroist is finished 32. Siding decided to use only 3 developers. The cost of finishing the square meter to the turnkey core (that is, with the installation of insulation, primer, reinforcement with grid and other works) 720 — 800 rubles, depending on the brigade.

The cheapest siding will cost 1230 rubles / m, the tree in 1750, the metal cassettes in 2560, Huberg — 2720. So we have almost all builders moved to plaster. The demand for mechanical installations spray colossal — on the streets only noise costs from working machines.

So we decided the facade of our workshop, too, to separate the core. Cheaper options today are not found, green toad is pleased.