I wanted to put in the courtyard at home asphalt.


«What material to close the area of the territory?» — Eternal question for every person who has urged to engage in the construction of his house.

No, of course, I understand when you have a chicken money, there is no such question. There are no questions here. You can also separate the yard, or the handmade Metlah tiles at 1200 euros for a thing.

For ordinary mortals, this question causes an acute headache: the tree rotates, the rubber coating is as if it is not from old tires, and from gold done, DPK is another attraction, the pavers is also expensive, concrete is destroyed for several years.

Deciding the issue with the arrangement of the courtyard, we decided to do it so to say the «parade entrance.» Concrete covering is almost completely destroyed and the yard needs to be closed in the shortest possible time. From the materials went over almost everything.

As suddenly … Municipal authorities decided to make it possible to make our village and put the old asphalt on its streets, which was removed from the reconstructed urban roads. And then the thought came to my mind:

StopPP! And not to zafalitate the courtyard of the whole?

In the city, he stands for several decades, and in the courtyard at home, where the minimum loads, he and the eyelid will turn. Well, what will he be? Started ads on Avito, learned that the square meter of asphalt on the finished base is on average from 500 to 700 rubles. In general, budgetary.

For the sake of interest came to road workers to consult. And they all the brigade:

-Do not even think about it!


-The settra at noon go out for the fence and sniffy.

I don’t know how asphalt smells?

-Hell, you go out and snoohe! If you do not understand, you will come up tomorrow.

Today, exactly at noon, when the temperature on the thermometer went far for +40, I came out.

Rose exactly in the middle of the intersection at my home.

And sniffed.

The scene, of course, was an outpad. It is standing under the scorching sun, in the midst of a deserted street (everyone clogged around the houses and survive the heat), a forty-year-old man in shorts and sniffing asphalt.

At first I did not reach me.


Passed through the intersection.

I snapped again.

Even knees stood.

I snapped closer.

But, really, smells! But not asphalt. It smells like urban dust, mud, exhaust gases and something else unpleasant. Somety ripped rags.

And the next day, employees explained to me.

This is the smell of old urban asphalt. Imagine that you in the yard put a new asphalt. The smell of it will destroy quickly — nothing terrible. The problem is completely different: you do not drive into your yard into the yard, the new asphalt will have to be routed by a manual or a completely mini roller.

The coating will be porous. First, it will quickly absorb moisture and every spring-autumn will slowly «tear». That is the Ural climate. Secondly, the pointed asphalt is poorly like a sponge, which, thanks to the bitumen, absorbs all the nastiness, which lifts on us from the Magnitogorsk sky. After heating in the sun, all this concentrate will smell in your yard, and the windows of a little more than a meter.

To be honest, I did not believe first.

And it turned out this is true.

Back in 2004, Rospotrebnadzor (however, he had another name) warned private developers that in the courtyards in cottages it is better to abandon the styling of asphalt. Optimal, in his opinion, is a natural stone or paving slabs.

And what is your closed house area?