In the 90s, one letter was removed from the labeling of household tools.


Want to answer the question immediately: why are you looking for?

Yes, because it is not disposable!

Now the theory is widespread that there is a conspiracy of manufacturers. Mall sat down all the well-known firms at the negotiating table and agreed that all tools and any equipment would serve only a certain period. After that, the pshik and the owner will have to throw it into the garbage.

It’s true!

This meeting was, but not it is the topic of today’s article, but a little different thing.

I have two hand circular saws.



Three days ago, they both broke. The first one brought and just refused to turn on, the second smelled the power button. Naturally, the tool is broken, you need to carry it into repair. Gathered and went to the city to a familiar master. That causally examined both saws, said:

Sit a bit, I will open and immediately say that with them.

After 15 minutes, I was diagnosed:

And here I have a voice from behind my back (it turns out one of the visitors stood at my back and watched that I brought to the tool for the repair):

And you do not sell me here’s the old drink? I have a good price for you for her.

I would sell, but this is the memory.


And then I notice how a familiar master winks me and whispers:

«You’re sitting a little, I will now give people a tool and you will tell you something.»

No problem. It was necessary to wait for a short time and when the whole crowd of three people crumbled, the master showed me one thing:

You know why you wanted to buy this saw?


Looking at your saw there is the designation S1.

So what?

-And what:

The fact is that earlier part of the tool had the designation «S1». Despite the fact that it was a household tool, he overtook the whole modern on his head. Only industrial, industrial tool, which stands like a wing from Boeing, can compare with it.

S1 is the designation that says that the electric motor inside the tool can work with a constant heavy load without limiting the operation time. That is, the saw heats up to a certain temperature and overheating will not, even if it works for it.

You can cut the Cuba boards and nothing will be!

Knowing people are looking for such a tool, and make it stationary from it. Here on the second saw everything goes in a single node. The button broke down — go to change everything at once, and here you can even rewind the engine and it costs a penny.

The master pated and added:

Such a tool is now not produced, and if it is produced, only for industrial enterprises. And for its price you can buy pieces of 5-7 of those plastics, similar to the one you brought.

The designation S1 began to gradually disappear since 1993. In 1998, he disappeared almost everywhere. Only single manufacturers are used as a rudiment. Other manufacturers replaced it widely advertised «Heavy Duty» — that is, the ability to work in severe mode, but the ability to overheat and the assembly of large nodes was still left.

If you have an old, drove the life of a saw, drill, planer or other hand tools with such a designation, do not hurry to throw it away. It is enough to spend a spear repair, replace the cutting or other snap, and it will again be in the ranks. Yes, he looks like … Well, you understood about mammoths, but the mammoths are extinct, and this one will work for a very long time.