In the Ural refueling near the BTR, there were three dust and cried: why all the Afghans remember the Salaam operation


The hot June day on the most ordinary refueling, which meets the guests at the entrance to the city of Magnitogorsk, stood three thin bearded people in strange clothes and leaning against the monument we were crying as children. A not indifferent local resident approached them:

Are you OK? To help?

«It’s good, Bach, we will stand and go further.»


The guy asked the constructors:

A strange some people here are roaming, they are standing at the BTR.

This is not a BTR. Trinity stood and sang?

Nuuu, yes.

These are local dusts.

In the sense of dreshan?

-In direct. These men are students. Their government sent, here we have at the university at metallurgists and learn. 10 months live with us, and for two months you leave for yourself. The father of one of them our guys in Afghans saved, here they are before leaving their homeland and come to pray. Give a tribute to thanks for everything, for life, learning. Refueling our own you know why it is called.

This story was remembered in connection with the latest events in Afghanistan. After the Taliban coming to power, many began to escape from the country, including Russia. And now many ask:

-Why run to Russia? After all, we used to be considered worst enemies for Afghans?

«Why did they suddenly soapy the love of the Russians, although they previously shouted the» death shock «.

You can answer these questions in one word:

Salam is the special operation of the USSR on the creation of the country from Afghanistan. Oddly enough, but before the entrance of the Soviet troops in this country, Afghanistan from himself as countries did not imagine. It was a gathering of tribes, peoples, the nations collected in a certain territory. There were no states as such.

And entering Afghanistan our leadership faced the fact that it is not necessary to negotiate there in essence. Imagine that you revealed an aspen nest from which the uterus was removed and shouted into it:

Guys, let’s agree.

The answer you will be a thousand votes:


From an aspen language it translates:

-There cranes.

Without leadership, negotiate with anyone will not work, there will be one hatred from the mass. The same was in Afghan. There was no elite on this territory, the layer on which it would be possible to rely on, to provide assistance, and then convey power. And, most importantly, this elite then could keep this power.

And our guide concluded: if there are no elites, then it needs to be created. And not from the local tribal king, who only knew that they shouted about their highest awesome and wanted gold, but from ordinary people, intelligentsia.

The essence of the operation of Salam was to build hospitals, libraries, institutes, and even mosques, increasing the literacy of the population. That is, creating a layer of active people responsible for their future. Many were exported to learn from Soviet institutions and universities, visually showed the most advanced society at that time.

This is exactly what our actions in Afghan differ fundamentally from the fact that Pendostan has worked. Our built, they were taught, treated, and those walled from guns and wings all rockets.

Yes, we did not work. But even after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, the local government managed to hold out three long years. Wearing a fight against dusts, for which the US power stood. How long did the pro-American government lasted, you know — it is no longer.

And simple Afghans, many of which shouted the Death of Shorty, now they are so warm as Russians as far as the United States hate. Many of our travelers who have the courage to drive on their transport throughout the territory of Afghanistan, mark the welcome attitude of local to themselves.

And that this is so, I was convinced when I kept the filling gun in my hands, and looked like three healthy men don’t cry at all, but sing. We sing a thanksgiving prayer next to the BMP, which was established in honor of the fallen shut-off.