In the village, many hang thermoshams on the gas meter.


In Russia, there are two magical words from three letters. The first, as we all know from the joke, is written in the air, then a fence is nailed to him. Just like anything else! After all, we have half of the fences are chosen by these letters. On my whole two such magic words. Although it may be precisely because of them, the fence survived two such hurricane when I thought our house would fly to the country of Oz.

In any case, if I catch these wizards, my own magic movement!

The second word is not less, and maybe even more magical. It can work wonders. As soon as it appears in some village or village, real estate prices will immediately take off ten times. For example, in our village before the appearance of this word, the Earth cost a penny and he was not needed anyone. As soon as the municipalities wrote on the map the village of these three letters, sites from 60 thousand went up to 800.

Miracles and only!

I think there is no point in dark, all the horns guessed what kind of word.


And the magical it is also because after the appearance of a yellow tube in the settlement of a yellow pipe, people begin with a headache with one thought only:

-Where take so much money so that from the thick yellow tube to you in the house brought a thin, tiny yellow tube?

By the way, after the establishment of the magic in a separate house, the host pain does not pass, it just goes to a new level. And head, especially when receiving payment, occupy some other thoughts:

-What is so expensive?

-And can I save somehow?

Someone configures the boiler to work every ten minutes (also, by the way, the working version, if it presss with money), someone lowers the temperature of heating, some are flying with a seal and turn the counter, hanging on it a neodymium magnet of such force, that on the other side, all the files and keys are sticking to the wall …

In the villages, many are additionally flooded with firewood. Gas works at night, and in the afternoon they drown the oven. If the family is fixed in the forest site and there are no problems with firewood, then why not. Quite a working version.

But there is one way that does not forget to enjoy both rustic and urban residents — owners of their homes. This is the use of heatmosum or any foamed polyethylene with foil for winding the gas meter.

And it does not matter, it is located outside or indoors. And there and there the effect will be provided that the gas meter is not equipped with a temperature correction sensor.

If there is no sensor, then savings from such wrapping ranges from 10 to 18% of gas consumption. If there is a compensator, the savings are far more modest — 3-5% maximum.

And the most important thing, the employees of the gas service for the kind are swearing, some laugh, but demand to remove such a bag or thermosum is not entitled, since there are no interference with the operation of the gas meter. This is actively used by many villagers, which nature does not indulge the Crimean weather.

So in the days of particularly low temperatures when the thermometer from the cold knocks on the window with a statement about dismissal and inhuman conditions of work, and the gas consumption goes to the record, save 15-18% … why not!

In my house the counter of the last model with the proofreader, so it does not make sense to hang such a bag. Check the working scheme or not can not.

And, in general, there are real gas workers? What do you think? Does it work or can you upset the neighbors in the village?