It all started from the garage, and six months already an enterprise: I bought the machine and immediately the queue with orders


First a bit of theory.

The main rule of organization of any business is to create a unique product. When the same manufacturers are the same as the manufacturers and the small cart, it is not easy to get out, but it can be said, it is impossible. Well, only if you physically eliminate competitors, like this, for example, did in New York in the 30s of the last century, providing them with a free basin with concrete and water treatments in the river.

Accordingly, so that still get forward to produce products that others cannot be produced. And this is possible in two ways: or your «golden» handles do something unique, or use such equipment that everyone else can afford. Simply put to buy such a machine that will be very expensive and everyone else does not afford.

Remember what happened a few years ago with laser cutting machines of plywood. Pioneers, those who saw the potential of such machines, immediately began to shoot cream. Products from plywood were new and people grabbed them literally with bags. My friend, I bought a house, a cottage, apartments for children and left for the children to relax in Sochi forever — it is provided for the same thing. But everyone else had to «go rolled» and try to do something unique to stand out. And income for businessmen «The second wave» was no longer so tangible. About the third wave is generally silent — now these machines are sea.

And now, in fact, about the second way. Yuri bought himself into the garage for laser cutting metal — the cost of such equipment is not even small — 3 million 800 thousand. Plus it took a computer, spending, spare parts and software — all costs stretched almost 5 million. You understand yourself, such money on the road is not lying.

For the sake of buying the machine I had to sell an apartment and crowned on credit. But in the asset there was an agreement with a large enterprise that its services will be allowed constantly: director, childhood friend, said:

I do not want another division to do so too many people. You will buy such a machine, and I will roll you with orders … well, and share it.

From the very beginning everything went not according to plan. It began with the fact that the machine is not trivial in the leased garage box. No, it’s nominally wondered, but it was categorically not possible to work with it. There was no place to store billets, finished products, machine maintenance. Constantly burning instead of 12 kilowatts, as it was written in the avenue, it took 38. So I had to look for a normal room.

Then it turned out that the oral agreement with the director, although a friend of childhood, but still … In general orders, crumbs were given and not at all adequate rates. In addition, in a month Yuri learned the meaning of the phrase «

That is, they should share for orders he was.

The money was disastrously lacked, only for credit and materials. And that’s it. Everything is all! But still need something to eat (people sometimes eat), pay for removable housing.

Helped the case — the hired assistant disassembled images on a software with software and found templates with address signs, plus a lot of interesting things on the disk. And Yuri decided to try to work not only at the plant, but also on specific consumers, that is, ordinary people.

In two weeks, they made several samples of the plates and went with them on construction firms and shops.

Delivered everything!

5 years ago it was in a novelty. There were only 5-6 pieces of such machines of our city. And they all worked on industrial enterprises, private owners of such «wealth» did not have.

After two weeks, Yuri had to do several dozen samples and distribute such demand from the software. But the next idea was best shot — the prefabricated author’s mangals.

All you saw what kind of «kaku» are sold in stores: the teams of mangals are made practical from foil, of which everything falls out, it is even not safe. And Yuri decided to make normal brands made of 3 millimeters thick.

It was a real bomb — the first batch of mangalls from 30 pieces, which he brought to the construction market, disassembled without a balance in 2 hours. I had to stamp urgently the next game, then another and more.

After three months, Yuri began to understand that, firstly, together and even threes, they would not cope with such a flow of orders, and, secondly, you need to «Scoop» with industrial orders that gave the delicious penny, and start working actively with Wholesalers.

A designer was hired, a few more ordinary employees, technician, and six months later I had to rent a neighboring room, as 7 people could no longer work in such a cramped. Exactly a year later I had to buy a second laser and increase the staff of the staff.

Now this is a steady-acting enterprise, which for all the time of its existence has already fulfilled several tens of thousands of orders. They do not only mangals and targeted plates, but also forces, panels, lights, gates, and much more to arrange houses and plots. Send it all not only in the city, but also throughout Russia. And with a former friend, he is no longer «sharing.»