Kevin Gordon — Master, Mastened in Dust Ton of Glass, for the sake of 1000 amazing VAZ


A practically nothing is known about Kevin Gordon in the Russian-speaking Internet. Two or three articles contain only one paragraph of miserware, and the remaining place is given to the photos of his work.

What is no wonder, since nothing surprising in his life did not happen: the boy was born in the family of amazing carvers on the glass, which I already

The cooler does not have anyone!

Therefore, in this article there will be no permanent stories from the Master’s life — today we will talk about how masterpieces are born. When they talk about the glass in the brain, the following picture is drawn: the master takes a long tube, winds up a hot glass into it in the oven and then blows something. As a rule, it is. And such masters on our blue ball, hundreds if not thousands.

All glass windows wound and blow. That they are glass ox. But Kevin Gordon went much longer than these two operations. He joined the glass-capacity skill with the ancient art of jewelry threads — camey.

This art is known to people since ancient Egypt and at least ? ancient Rome. Already then the masters hit the imagination by carving on stone and glass. Over some things, researchers are still arguing: whether their people have created or these are the gifts of the aliens.

I will not say anything that is worthy about the green men in ancient Rome, I know exactly — in a few centuries about the works of Kevin Gordon will go no less fierce disputes. Because a person’s hand cannot create such perfect shapes and patterns.

But each petal is formed and carved in the glass manually!

All the work of Kevin Gordon takes place in two stages.

At the first stage, he does not differ from the ordinary glass — he picks up a glass masses on a blown tube and blows the right shape. After that, covers the future vase with the second layer of glass. As a rule, it has a different color.

At the second stage, after cooling the product, Kevin is equipped with engraver and almost the entire outer layer turns into dust — it simply cuts it.

Working on one vase in the glasswater workshop is rare when the hour or two. And on the thread and engraving can leave more than two weeks. All this time, the master cuts off the outer layer of glass, engraves, grinding, scratches.

All this is done manually — automation when carving glass products is impossible. Scroll through galleries, take a closer look as far as the work of the master:

But most of all I was struck by the fact that approximately each fifth or sixth vase in the processing process was bursting — engraving exposes hidden glass defects, all voltages extend outward cracks.

Just imagine, you can spend a week or even two on the thread. And at the last moment, everything is lost — the crack is a crack on the glass and it is not fixed in any way. Such vases are generically stored in the studio stoves — no one will raise the hand to throw them.

Therefore, the price of Vases Kevin Gordon can reach 700-800 thousand. Believe me, they stand. His works are stored in all museums of modern art, public and private galleries. For 53 years, he received senior awards on all sorts of skill competitions.

A total of about 1,000 amazing VAZ, with which more tons of glass dust are cut off.

Was it worth spending his life on creating such beauty?

No doubt yes!