Mom, dad, I: how much holidays in the Crimea family from three people


Summer and vacation, vacation and sea, sea and money, money and … — So inherent things for every Russian, that many are ready to starve during the year only at least two weeks to escape to Moreuschko. And since the turtkina and other solar countries were covered with a copper pelvis for us, then simple Russian people who do not have personal superjets, yachts and boats, only one thing remains: the steering wheel in the teeth and Alga to the sea by its own move.

The problem is only in one thing — in order to go this year to the sea, soak under a clear sun, to go on excursions and know the other charm of the resort life, the Russians will have to not just rummand, but also sell part of themselves to the authorities.

Of course, this is a stub, ads «selling the kidney is not expensive» on the beach in Yalta I have never seen never, no one does not breed on the embankment, and even expensive restaurants are not at all empty, but … the feeling that people save.

So, how much will go to go for two weeks in the Crimea an average family of its own under the Crimea, for example, from the Urals or from Moscow (about 2.5 thousand km).

Let’s start with the most important road.


Plus, we had to stay twice on the road twice the hotel, for the first time in the village of Sydodsky (Tereshki Hotel — 2 tr. — Just and tasteful), the second time in Kushchev (GOST. Old mill — 3 tr. — Above all silence ). The same is the most back. So on gasoline, accommodation and a little on food in the dining room we left 42 thousand rubles.


You can eat alone, then some win maybe, but believe me not so big.

You can eat exclusively in restaurants, but then this article you, comrade Rockefeller, can not read, your yacht swims against Monaco. On three in the Normal Yalta restaurant, breakfast easily pops up a bar in 5 thousand.

You can eat in the canteens. It all depends on where you went. For example, in Yalta and Alushta there are dining rooms, where dinner on three in the category first, second and compote with waffles will pull out 1200 rubles. But in Evpatoria, we perfectly lunch in the same format for 800 rubles. In any case, lay on food, juices, water, ice cream and all sorts of tasty at least 2, and better than 3 thousand rubles a day.


We lived in the guest house «Chizhik-Pyzhik» — a comfortable room with a balcony, swimming pool, sauna, a cafe-bar-restaurant everything was available. Due to the fact that Chizhik is not in Yalta itself, but in the village. Nikita and stands on the track (it is important to us — the car is always at hand) prices are very democratic. For two weeks we gave 75 thousand.

I do not consider the private sector in principle, because there Kidalova and Delos for every taste and wallet. Someone is lucky for 1200 per day, someone is not lucky for 10 thousand.

Mi-Mi — Entertainment for children.

As you know, children are flowers of life, so they need to watered, and in the case of Crimea — money. We have 15 thousand to entertain the child.

In all serious — entertainment for parents.

Excursions for the price range from 1000 to 5000 at all. For us, all trips, visits to iconic places, an individual excursion from a wonderful specialist in Yalta — all this cost 52 thousand.


Total: 42 Road + 35 Power + 75 Accommodation + 15 Entertainment Kinder + 52 Excursions and trips + 20 thousand souvenirs = 239 thousand.

And this was not very sad, in the restaurant there were only once, wine and other abuses were not abused. There is a lot or a little — I will not even say, but the trip to the Crimea is definitely worth the emotions that are there.