One farmer turned out to be more effective than two dairy: he began to make a milk according to GOST and people stood in line


We were taught to the fact that good things can not be cheap. Mall quality is first of all money. I agree, but there is another side of the coin: very often you can buy a good and high-quality thing for quite adequate money.

For example …. for example … yes, at least milk and dairy products. How much is the liter of milk in your city?

60? 75? 80?

Write in the comments, it will be interesting to compare.

In my native Magnitogorsk, milk recently stands as if «additives» from gravestone gold is added to it. Otherwise, you will not say if the price tag came close to 80-90 rubles per liter!

And, most interesting, milk from local farmers dairy bought 22 rubles per liter. Last year, they took 18 rubles at all. Just imagine, it was 22 85 … And it’s only milk.

And how much is the yoghurt, normal cheese, kefir and so on? Such a difference is explained by deep processing, salaries, taxes, rental stores and another 1000 reasons.

It turns out that milk is absolutely not profitable, it is much more profitable to process it and collect money. Farmers were singing, shouted, but could not do anything — do not want to do not give up. We are monopolists, you still will buy anything anyway.

This situation has not arranged one farmer. Rather, she did not suit everyone, just decided to act alone.

Why pass the milk to the dairy, and live in a black body, so that there is enough money for feed, if you can cooperate with neighboring farms and open our production, not by the new way, but at the present Soviet GOST.

All twisted at the temple:

You will not make it!

You will burn!

-For profit will eat rent!

And he risked and opened his own corporate department at the product fare. Do you think about how much the real cow’s milk in his department stands, which in the evening they took from the cow, at night were treated and packed, and in the morning they brought to the farm department?

53 rubles per liter, a kilogram of cottage cheese 200 rubles, Ricotta — 375 rubles, Mozarella 570. And all this is the freshest, just made by people who love their business.

This thermostat yogurt costs 22 rubles per 100 grams, it is almost twice as cheaper than the store microscopic jars of 85 grams.

And, you know what happened?

People voted the ruble! They stood in line. As soon as, early in the morning in the store they bring a new batch of farming milk, the department is built in the department!

Colleagues stretched to the farmer, the concomitant goods were added to the milk: Ivan-tea, honey, dried herbs and vegetables, jam, even compotes and juices.

And, suddenly it turned out that the rental at good patency eats not such a big piece of profit. There is enough money for taxes and salary, and even for the delivery of products from the village to the city.

The experience was so successful that the guys have opened another three stores in the city over the past few months. And everywhere there are queues for fresh farm products, which is made according to GOST and somehow miraculously costs cheaper.

And here there is a completely natural question: if one farmer turned out to be more effective than the dairy, then maybe others should also be thought about creating their branded departments. There is not enough strength to one, you can cooperate. Which of the townspeople will refuse fresh and cheap products?

Do you have such branded departments from single heroes?