Sold an apartment, bought a car and for a year it earned on a new home: I would not risk



I could proudly say that I was familiar with Sergey, so … in addition, I watched how a person rises from the lowest, and in my eyes achieved success. After all, in fact, my words do not check anywhere, look for a fistula of one person across the country.

True true!

In fact, about who is Sergey, and what he does, I didn’t even guess: I met him quite by chance two days ago. To enhance the roof, our future workshop took place beams. Without crane services, throw 300 kg of metal on top is very problematic. All private craners and firms refused to come for one hour of work. I have already started drawing a system of beams and levers in the mind, to try to drag all this severity where it is required.

But, the foreman said:

-In moment, Sergey will arrive now.

An hour later he arrived.

I love to watch how professionals work: drove up, looked at, immediately noted two Internet cables with optics, I spread the stops and did everything in two receptions as it should be. In parallel, while waiting for the welder, we talked.

Sergey is a professional craneman with an experience in almost 20 years. All my life worked in the «Magnitostroy» trust in Ivanovo. For money, it was quite good for themselves, there were shabbies, an accomplishment — in general it was arranged.

The problem arose when the trust burst. Orders got less and less, the plots were closed, once a powerful enterprise pledged a miserable existence under the control of «effective managers».

And one day, another portion of people collected and said:

Thank you, you are fired.

Throwing around for about six months, flewing several times with a salary, worked for free on the probationary period, he realized that he was told on the throat by all the «hosts» who want to ride on Mercedes, and workers pay only for food and communal.

The conversation with his spouse was hard, she was categorically opposed, but then surrendered under the hail of the arguments of her husband. The next day, he set an apartment for sale. A good Euro-Triška gone instantly, leaving the unemployed no longer a young man without housing, but with a decent amount of money in the account.

The next day, he translated all the money by the firm, which trades in small Torvo Trucks of Volvo. This is such a mixture of Ivanovka and Kamaz-low-vocabulary reduced by a third: the best permeability and the ability to carry decent goods.

What happened next, as the hero said to my story, it is better not to remember. The wife was engaged in children’s studies, the farm led on a removable apartment and also found the forces to work.

Sergey himself was walking throughout the city in search of work: she expressed ads, raised old connections, found the brigade of private owners, who were required to take-bring, immerse-unload. Agreed with tile manufacturers, paving slats, bricks and slagoblock. Of Avito, the phone and cabin, which has become a native car, he almost did not get out.

After six months, they bought a house for five years in a mortgage, making an initial contribution of 20%. A year later, he completely calculated with the bank. Surprisingly helped spring for 20 years, when many sat at home, and he managed to negotiate about the pass and carry materials.

I stood and watched how fast, he did everything confidently and thought: it was worth it to risk, because he put on Kon everything that his family had. Yes, he won the Lottery, he has a fully paid almost new car, his home, a bunch of contacts, orders. He was in 4 objects before me, and after him he had already had two deliveries — he does not bring less than 10-12 thousand home for a day.

Or was it not a lottery, but the understanding of the fact that under the laying stone water does not flow and need to move forward? What do you think? Would risk as well as he?