The Council of the Old Lesnik: how to put on the sector of the Christmas tree (any tree), so that even in the heat and quickly grew


What is the house without a nearby tree? That’s right, no. A house without a beautiful, spreading tree, in the shade of which is so nice to sit in the heat not a house, but one name. But often it happens that I bought an expensive sapling, planted, watered, cared, but he still duck. And then you go through the woods, past the landing of a young pine, who landfill the foresters, and they are all alive!

Not a single dried!

And after all, they put in any weather and heat!

Now we know the secret: it helped a random acquaintance.

Having bought a house in the village, we first decided to plant several trees around it. And for some reason, without claiming, they decided that it would be pines and fir. They are well cleaning the air, and the smell from them in the heat is amazing. Yes, yes, yes, in the title there is a «tree», but for me, everything with the needles is a Christmas tree. With the exception of cacti.

Said — Made, planted.

But, as an evil on the street there was a terrible heat, nor cloud. All trees with such love planted around the house dried. This year it was decided to plant the trees of early spring, so that they managed to root before the heat. As soon as the snow went down, we went to dig a dried trees when a neighbor approached us:


-Good afternoon!

-What dried up?

Yes, put in the heat.


-And you…

-And I am a blasting forest … was. In Leschoz worked, now retired. We sazed a lot, even in the heat and all got out.

And the former forester told us his way to plant trees. The most important first four stages, if you observe them — any tree will take root.

Before boarding a tree from a nursery, you need not to water a few days so that it starts to feel the lack of moisture. This is a kind of shake for the «Wood Organism», which makes it from the last strength to increase the root system. If you tighten with a disadvantage of moisture, the tree will begin to throw off the needles or foliage and die. So 3-4 days is quite enough.

A day before landing, the tree in the pot is put in a basin filled with water for 5-7 centimeters. You need to add bio-humus or other natural fertilizer to the water. Feeling that there is water from below, and even with such a «yummy», the village is even stronger than the roots.

The next stage is the pit. He is one of the most important. Be sure to dig a hole in a depth of about 60 cm. It is better more, less can not be. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can get to oil, gas. Although here also has its advantages.

At the bottom of the pit, the pure, explosioned blacksmock mixed with pine or shine opeglades. For the future tree is the best nutritional basis. All this is poured by two water cans. In one of which you can add «zircon» (this is not a hypersonic rocket, but a very good fertilizer).

In the resulting «alie» falls on the tree and the land falls asleep. If there is an opportunity, it is better to add river sand, trees, pines, fir and other needle «non-stick» very love to sand in Earth.

From above, you can add a handful of solid organic fertilizers for spruce / pine. Such fertilizers will be dissolved for a very long time in the water and begin to flow to the roots of the tree, when the action of the «zircon» will end. So your beauty will be in a very nutritious environment.

Naturally, the foresters such a bouquet of expensive fertilizers do not add, in the forest, the seedlings quite grabs mixed with earth. In the same area, especially when expensive trees are planted, it is better to «get out».

And this is already from myself. Around the tree on 1 m. In diameter, we spread geotextiles and fell asleep with a mulley from the bark of the Angarsk larch. It does not allow moisture in a strong heat to evaporate from the ground, and the tree will not be too much «starve.» Yes, and this tree looks surrounded from reddish bark more aesthetically.

For this technology, we planted nearly 10 trees. Moreover, the last blue fir planted at a temperature of almost +40 in the sun. And not only did not dry, but, on the contrary, began to actively grow.

And which odor is worth it! It is indescribable!