The guy found an old machine in scrap metal and made a unique thing on it: orders come from all over Russia, even the Chinese bypassed


Almost every second man dreams of one’s own business: it is only for yourself, not to obey anyone, execute orders, well, and row money to a shovel. The problem is that the majority stops at the stage of dreams.

Agree, it’s good to lie on the sofa and dream, dream, dream … For some reason, the specific steps on the sale of a dream can carry out units. Everyone is hindering everyone: then the inevitable loan taken, then the need to store jam in the garage, family, Sunday or journey to kebabs …

Meanwhile, there is a category of people who are not needed. If they have a dream, they go to her without thinking: they just take and do, and if it does not work, then they do again. As you know, the water is sharpened, and already a harmful person and suppressed.

The hero of my today’s article is a very harmful man. He since childhood he loved to mess with equipment, glands, tools. A computer broke, a mixer, TV or even a car — all called him.

They knew — Daniel replaced!

After school, Daniel went to study in the Kubgu on an architect engineer. However, in the first year, I realized that I didn’t quite rightly chose a profession when admitted, it was almost impossible to translate to the engineering and mechanical faculty. I had to finish and at the same time cherish the dream of your business.

Having settled on the enterprise after the end of the university, Daniel found out that a small shop is almost empty next door.

But this is … chance!

Having agreed with the boss, Daniel, along with a friend, put an old lathe in a small place. He was found on scrap metal, and to launch to work, I had to tinker very much: almost everything was redesigned — they actually renovated 1624m in 1965.

It was also bought a boring machine, a whirlpool, a turning table. And all this is not from the store, but from the nearest items of scrap metal. Every detail was going and restored manually!

A little later, a three-phase welding semi-automatic was purchased, also with some problems that were eliminated, grinding machines. With this, self-restored by the Soviet Equipment, he opened his slight production.

And now let’s talk about what he is doing.

Do you know what the biggest problem is small workshops and production? Not a lack of money, not loans, not employees, and not even taxes!

Not at all!

The largest and most important problem is the inability to find or make specialized equipment. For example, we, glasswakers, stainedresses really need a glass grinding machine. Small pieces of glass of different colors after projects remains a lot. Glass color — very expensive, as they say, every crumb into his palm! And fusing (sintering glass) allows you to use even the smallest glass dust to create products. Effects are awesome! Received we have a creative craft!

Dog manually — this is not an option in general!

And where only we did not appeal to make us a crusher!

I specially traveled to the factories, found out, asked. And I always spoke the same thing:

We will do without problems. Minimum batch 100 pieces.

Why do I need 100 pieces when you need only one in my workshop?

Well, then close the door behind you.

Well, we do not make small or single parties of the machines! Machine-building plants are interesting only by large parties of equipment, and such bugs as we do not need. By the way, the Chinese and Germans are used in all. They will calmly make such a machine, however, the price tag will not be democratic at all. So the words about the fact that in China is all cheap — no more than the myth.

And in this problem, Daniel saw his chance.

It makes specialized equipment for small workshops and small enterprises, which are denied large plants.

Make a crusher for glass pushed his mother’s request: she is also engaged in glass, although it used to make handmade dolls. And the father was helped in this, the designer who worked for many years with industrial equipment.

The first crusher was honestly admitted to Daniel, terrible, however, unlike Chinese, she almost did not dust, weighed not 50, and 15 kg, and cost 6 times cheaper. But Mama was delighted with her, and shared his delight with colleagues in instagram.

When other masters saw this crusher, they began to order massively. Each time he finalized the crusher, did it easier, tried to make more beautiful, to achieve a more factory species. I tried about 3 types of engines, different brands of steel, each customer asked that he did not like or like in the design.

Today, a few years later, the small production of Daniel flourishes, since he does not have real competitors. Of course, there are plants in Russia and in China, which make universal equipment, but there is a price tag 5 times higher. I came even from China and wondered why so cheaply turns out without loss of quality.

Orders come not only from glasswoman masters, but also from other workshops: someone needs a special vibration, the other is a crash, the third is a diamond cutting machine.

Now his mini production has come to self-sufficiency, brings stable profits, which fully provides family life. And what else do you need a real man?