The wife bought himself to the workshop tool tool.


In Russia, a real man is born with a screwdriver in his hand. If suddenly you need to fasten something, drill, tighten, and even beat your wife in a glass of milk — the screwdriver is simply an indispensable thing. No blender with him compares!

And until recently, I thought that only screwed up the main love in the life of any man. I was wrong … Thanks to his beloved wife, a baby appeared in my life!

Since now, the winter window (for sure, exactly, specifically looked out again) and I don’t get together in the railway site, then I put all my energy for the improvement of the house. Finished the staircase for a building floor, began to paint the walls, stretch out the sockets, lighting on the attic.

And somehow imperceptibly wipped the wife of a small screwdriver «Metabo». He sensed only when he got both batteries, and the charger in the workshop of his wife. Popados … you need to go to repent.

I go into the workshop, and she drills something.

But the screwdriver is in my hands!

It turned out to be a spouse that realized that her beloved husband squeezed her beloved Shurik, decided to buy his own! But the consultant in the store, having learned why it needs an aggregate (drill holes in a thin sheet glass) suggested her a new bosch reserved. I broke the template:

Natasha, you understand that this is a screwdriver! She does not drill!

Yes, it’s dumping! And she drills!

Yes, it cannot be!

Check yourself.

I take in my hands, insert the drill …

How is it turning on?

-Can you click on the button, and you can just press a little.

Matryoshshka !!! She drills !!!

-Well, I’m talking about!


Yeah, naive …

So, what kind of uber-an aggregate bought myself a spouse that I spoke with honest eyes and I do not give

This is a screwdriver … which can drill. Naturally, it will not endure any extreme loads, the maximum of it can drill a hole — chipboard, plywood, leaf glass.

Naturally, in addition to drilling a dumping, oddly enough, knows how to twist and unscrew (she has a reverse). In addition to the reverse, engineers have endowed a screwdriver by adjusting the twisting force or how it is called there. I, sorry, as all Russian people do not read the instructions, although I understand the diploma.

Self-tapping screws up to 50 mm long enter the tree only the noise is worth it. At the same time, there is some kind of tricky system in the scum, as soon as the slots are drunk from the head of the self-press, she herself ceases to drill. Just bzdink and everything is worth a stake! But it is worth inserting back and click on the button or press it on the hole itself and it twists again.

This unit is charged from a simple telephone charger: 40 minutes and the battery is full under the eyebreaker.

Due to the fact that the dumping is not like a gun (like all shurids), but has a handle shape, it is very convenient to control the verticality or horizontal drilling and twisting.

She is not at all like those small toy

Well, now about the shortcomings, and here I also have something to say:

Included only the cable for charging goes to this dump truck, there is no block.

Again about the kit.

This dummy cannot be seized with cold milk and seal in a milk cocktail — not such a big …


I don’t have any complaints to her.

Of course, it would be possible to drink that the power is not enough, I would like hardware to twist the size from the railway crutch, but … not for this, the baby was developed. For hardware and fasteners, the screwdriver is already needed, as they say, Cesar — Cesarean, to each his own.

What at prices? Prices are lower, but I will say right away, in the Titilechnaya store it cost a 3300 wife:

If my story convinced you, and you still decide to buy such a poheno for your arsenal, then when ordering through the Mobile Yandexmarket application, you can safely enter the code word Helloskazka.

What is the result?

With this baby you do not build a house, do not assemble the spacecraft or the station of thermonuclear synthesis. But for small needs for the house, for example, fasten the outlet, disassemble some device, drill a hole in your favorite furniture, hang a loop, collect electrical panels — what the doctor prescribed.

So the thing is worth it, the ultimate Receive!